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Gigi Hadid moles

Photo Credit: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

In the past, women in the public eye would do their best to cover any “imperfections” on their skin and Photoshop was a magazine editor’s best friend if any of their models had moles. However, with the likes of top supermodel Gigi Hadid embracing her moles and showing them off in all their glory, we thought we’d take a look at some of the ways that you too can embrace your blemishes in a healthy way.

Keep an Eye on Them

There are apps online which actually allow you to take photographs of your moles, document them with times and dates, and then compare them to pictures at a later date, giving you the all-important info about whether your moles have changed size, shape or colour. The rule to remember is “ABCDE” – if your moles are ASYMMETRICAL have a ragged BORDER, uneven or dark in COLOUR, change DIAMETER or EVOLVE in any other way, they should be seen by your GP.

Protect Them from the Sun

We all know how harmful the sun’s rays can be, but moles are particularly vulnerable to them and can put you at greater risk of something nasty if you don’t use protection. Opting for a high SPF sun lotion, such as Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 and paying close attention to moles and freckles when applying should give you peace of mind. We advise using this all year round, too, as winter sun can still be harmful.

Think About Where They Are

Moles on your body are likely to be covered up by clothing for most of the year, especially if you live in the UK, but it’s possible to have moles just about anywhere on your body and moles on your face, hands or neck will be most vulnerable. If you already use a moisturiser or hand cream in these areas, you can add a great boost of protection by adding Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF50 to your usual creams.

If In Doubt…

As much as we embrace beautiful moles and freckles, if you have a blemish which is worrying you, see a GP or dermatologist about having it removed. Imperfections are truly beautiful and make us unique, however nothing is worth risking your health over and if you’ve a family history of cancer, it’s best to get them removed.