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Celebrity Pixie Cuts

Image Sources: http://bit.ly/1XELTfM

Last years’ hot hair trend was long, flowing tresses in a variety of mermaid, unicorn and dragon-like shades, taking hair maintenance to a whole new level. However, this summer, a far more low-key trend is taking hold – the Pixie Cut. Celebs from Katy Perry to Zendaya to Scarlett Johansson are getting their hair shorn and looking amazing in the process. If you’re thinking about getting the chop like your favourite celeb, read on for our ultimate guide to pixie cuts:

Will It Suit Me?

This is one of those tricky questions that is very hard to answer until after you’ve taken the plunge, but there are places online to try new hairstyles by uploading a current photo of yourself so it might be worth giving that a go if you’re unsure. Generally speaking, very short hair needs a good bone structure to support the look, so people with very round faces should probably avoid it. Many people who suffer with acne or bad skin tend to hide behind their hair, so if you feel naked without hair around your face then this might not be the cut for you. However, there’s some evidence to suggest that the oil and daily dirt from hair could exacerbate spots on the forehead, so cutting it back might actually help.

What Type of Cut Should I Go For?

The pixie cut has really evolved since the days of Mia Farrow’s super short, boyish cut and there are several variations on the traditional style to suit a range of tastes. Lots of people are keeping it longer on top but super short at the sides, or having a swept-over look at the front, which allows you to be more versatile with how the style looks.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2pltWf0

Is It Really Low Maintenance?

Having short hair might seem like the easy option, and with SOME styles it is, but actually you might find that short hair takes more styling than longer hair, which can be chucked into a ponytail or braid on days when you can’t be bothered. Unless you go for a total crop, most short hairstyles require some element of styling and although the results are worth it and usually look fantastic, if you’re not a person who has time in the mornings you might want to think on it for a bit longer! Also, short hair needs to be kept…short! You’ll need to be prepared to trim your hair more regularly than if it’s long because pixie cuts grow out really easily.

Hair in Bad Condition?

If your hair is damaged from years of heat styling, over-bleaching and neglect then a pixie cut could actually be a really stylish way to take things back to zero, cutting away all of the damaged hair and letting your hair grow back fresh and new. Once you’ve had the cut, take care of your hair with Dermalogica Daily Conditioning Rinse for protection from heat and increased moisture.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

If you don’t have a regular stylist, make sure you choose someone with plenty of experience in pixie cuts because they can be one of the harder looks to achieve and take a lot of skill. If you have a regular hairdresser, they’re probably a really good person to chat to before going for it because they’ll be able to give you a professional opinion on your hair texture and whether the cut will suit you or not. Ask them to be brutally honest with you!