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Ever get to the end of the month and find yourself in the red?

Fed up of never being able to go on holiday, despite working hard?

Keep buying scratch cards in the hope of becoming winning big?

All too many people find that there simply isn’t enough cash to go round and with the General Election and Brexit making things even more uncertain, the money pot seems to only get smaller.

Fear not, while we aren’t saying money grows on trees, if you have a little spare time, vision and dedication you can add to your bank account, without changing the day job.

Be a blogger
Blogging is easy to set up and a great way to generate a passive income. Decide on a name, choose a platform (Blogger and WordPress are popular), buy a domain name and pay for hosting and you are on a way. You then need to create content that people want to read – this is the key to success. Maybe it is health, fitness, books, travel or parenting, but make sure you have an audience and when you write posts, make them relevant and interesting so people want to come back. Once you’ve gained a following, you can make money from:

  • Being an affiliate where you are pushing other people’s products or services on your site. Make sure these products or services are relevant to your blog, such as baby food, shoes or make-up and when a visitor clicks that link on your site, you’ll earn commission.
  • Selling advertising is great once you have traffic running through your site and as your visitor numbers increase, so does the change for ad space on your blog.
  • Sponsorship could be a one-off feature or a logo on your site and as the stat’s go up, so do the deals.
  • You can also review products on your site, but be sure to disclose and brand relationships and be true to yourself, your readers and the powers that be (Google).

Selling stuff
We bet if you spring clean your house you will find a lot of stuff you just don’t need. Unworn clothes, flippers, a smoothie maker, golf clubs are all things you might not need but someone else might want.
Amazon, eBay, Gumtree are all perfect online places to sell things that are gathering dust but could easily turn into enough money for a weekend away or a much-needed new TV. You can also go to car boot sales where you can flog your stuff make a killing.

Rent a Room
OK, someone else in your house might not seem ideal but if it means and extra £500 a month in the kitty, maybe it is worth a go? Make sure you have a decent spare room, ask family and friends if they know anyone looking for digs, and of course, make sure you do interviews, get references and a deposit before handing over any keys.

Stocks and Shares
Investing in stocks and shares has been a popular way to earn a passive income for years, and thanks to the internet, today it is easier to do than ever. Go online and do some research, maybe speak to an expert, start small, see how the markets go and you never know, this time next year you could be a millionaire.

Online Surveys
OK, it isn’t massive money, but for a few minutes of form filling you can make a couple of quid answering online surveys, and if you do enough the total soon adds up.

Get on Your Bike
Got a car, bicycle or motorbike? What about a Smartphone? This is pretty much all you need to make some extra money by delivering food, or people, in your spare time.

Get Competitive
Sounds silly but entering competitions can make you rich. There are no guarantees, but there is a growing community of ‘compers’ in the UK who are making five-figure sums by entering all sorts of competitions, all of the time.

Be an Extra
If you fancy being on the big screen, or small one for that matter, agencies are always looking for extras for TV shows and films. You need to be flexible and able to get from A to Z under your own steam, but it fun, easy and pays alright. And, you never know who you might meet on set.

Get Walking
Fancy some fresh air and exercise, well the good news is that walking other people’s dogs is big business. If you have free time during the day, when others are out at work and worried about their pets at home, and you like dogs and are professional, there’s a ready-made market waiting for you.

Got a money-making idea we have missed, let us know, we are all ears.

Team Pure Beauty