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The term ‘super-food’ is banded around the place like no one’s business at the moment. From avocados and spinach to almonds and blueberries, these natural beauties are all over the place, but no one ever really seems to put the mighty mango in this group?

Well, we think they should be and are here to put them on the healthy map.

Mangos grow in tropical climates and are a nutritionally rich fruit with a unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and it has so many heath promoting qualities we don’t know where to start.

Cancer Prevention
Some research has shown that the antioxidant properties in mango fruit can help protect against breast, colon and prostate cancers as well as leukaemia.

Eye Sight
A cup of sliced mango contains around 25% of the RDA of Vitamin A which is key to good eyesight and can prevent night blindness and dry eyes.

Cholesterol Count
Due to the high levels of fibre, pectin and Vitamin C in mangos they can help lower cholesterol levels.

Glowing Skin
Mangos help clear clogged pores and eliminate acne, and because they are rich in skin loving Vitamin E, your complexion will glow if you eat them as part of a balanced diet.

Mangos are packed with clever enzymes that break down protein and come with fibre both of which help with digestion and elimination.

Immune System Booster
Due to the generous amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, plus 25 different carotenoids, fresh mango is the perfect way to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

The Other Bits
Mangos also come with Vitamin B6 and other B vitamins that help with hormone production and prevent heart disease. They have plenty of potassium that balances out salt intake as well as copper that helps with the production of red blood cells.

So you have got your mango, but how do you prepare it so none goes to waste?

Hold the mango on its side and cut down either side of the large, central seed so you have two big halves.

Place each half on a chopping board, peel face down, and cut the exposed flesh in a horizontal and vertical pattern, taking care not to cut too deep through the skin or into your fingers. Then invert the whole half and push out easy to manage cubes.

You can use this cubes to make a super effective face mask. Simply blend the mango and apply to the face and let your skin soak up the beta-carotene and Vitamin C help which will repair spots and blemishes and recharge your complexion.

Otherwise eat the mango solo, on cereal, in smoothies, add it to salads, pop on the top of ice cream, mix into a salsa, blend into yogurt, make a pie. The ideas are endless, the taste is incredible.

Got a mango recipe you like, send it over, we would love to give it a try.

Team Pure Beauty