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If you are feeling down and out about your bathroom, why not give it a little bit of a makeover this summer and create the haven you have been looking for.

A lick of paint
Your bathroom, just like any other room in the house, can be totally transformed with a fresh coat of pain. Of course, white is clean and fresh and will add an air of calm to your bathroom, but if you like colour then blue can give a nautical feel, yellow is cheery and green is coming back into style. There are many makes out there, but for your bathroom look for a specially formulated on like Dulux Bathroom+ Soft Sheen which is a moisture and steam resistant paint that comes in some fantastic shades that will transform dull into amazing.

Go for the grout
If you can’t retile your entire bathroom, you can still deal with the grouting which often ages and makes the whole room look old and tired. First things first, if there is any mould on the grout, either take this away by washing with a stain remover, or try a grout rake and use this to take away around 2mm of the old material before adding a new layer. You may also want to replace the old sealant which isn’t hard but you will need a steady hand and maybe watch the odd YouTube clip for expert advice.

It is amazing at how old curtains or a badly fitting blind can make a room look really shabby. Take the old fittings down, give the window and surrounding area a clean and add new paint if needed. To complete the look hang fresh curtains, wooden shutters or just use a frosted film to create a whole new look and feel.

Think about the lights
Long gone are the days when a bare bulb was all a bathroom needed if you needed to spend a penny! Natural daylight is great whenever possible, but do think about your neighbours with this option! You can change the light shades to make a difference or have LED lighting fitted by an electrician. Not only does this add ambience but it also saves money and the environment, but make sure anything that is fitted is certified for bathroom use and complies with health and safety regulations.

This is the bit we really love. Just as with an outfit, accessories can really help bring a bathroom together. Whether you go for a theme or base your bathroom on a colour, it is easy to make it look and feel fabulous with a few accessory additions. From towels and pictures on the walls to baskets and mirrors, you can create a whole new look that will make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

A touch of green
One last touch that can really bring your bathroom to life, is a plant or two. Nothing says fresh like a little bit of greenery and it is a pretty cost-effective way to bring the outside, in. Ferns, lilies and some palms are perfect as they thrive in a damp environment, so all you need are so pretty pots and you are ready to go.

Team Pure-Beauty