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With the summer coming to and end and autumn on the horizon, what better time to consider selling your home.

As well as speaking to estate agents, searching online for new properties and looking at your finances, you may also want to make some adjustments to your house to make it as marketable as possible and to help secure the best price.

We aren’t talking about designer makeovers or expensive extensions, but small changes that can have a big impact.

Make it clean
While potential buyers need to be able to visual your home as theirs, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so, which means offering a clean slate. Wash the walls, have the windows cleaned, gutters tidied, carpets cleaned and if needed, get a gardener to tidy up outside. Yes, it is an investment but one you will reap back.

Take the clutter away
Decluttering has become quite ‘a thing’ and that’s because it works. Go through your house room by room and well as ensuring you have dust free doors, lights and skirting boards, clear the house of old newspapers, stacks of books, piles of plastic toys and half empty shampoo bottles. Be ruthless and throw away, give away and recycle anything you just don’t want or need. For anything left and remaining in the house, either box up and put in the loft or tidy away neatly in cupboards or pretty baskets.

A coat of paint
If you have lived in a property for many years, the walls can take a battering and buyers will notice this. A fresh coat of paint instantly brightens any room and if you go for a soft shade you will add a sense of warmth and luxury to your house. Off whites and pale greys are not only on trend but also work well with most furnishings, making it appealing to people looking round.

Make space
Once you have a clean, clear canvas you can look at how you are using space. Yes, right now you love having a massive sofa, armchair and bean bags in the living room – but this will make the room look cramped and small – not what you are trying to convey. We aren’t saying go minimal, but clearing away large pieces of furniture, opening the curtains and having the right lighting can make a massive difference.

Look at the front door
If you have taken the time to fix the windows, power clean the drive and trim the hedges, you don’t want to fall down with a dodgy front door. If it’s really bad consider fitting a new one, otherwise clean it down, paint it and add a new doorknob, brass letterbox or smart house number and the difference can be well worth the effort.

Small touches
When you have viewings, first of all make sure the house is spotlessly clean and if possible, go out and let the agent show buyers around – this is especially true for a first viewing. Having flowers, or house plants, can have a real impact on the look and the feel of your property, and rod diffusers placed strategically in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom and utility room can be a good idea. Mirrors will reflect light and make the place look bigger and brighter, rugs and cushions offer a homely feel and those stories of freshly baked bread….they are true!

If you do sell, we wish you lots of luck!

Team Pure-Beauty