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Well, you have only gone and done it and got a place at university.


Now the partying is over, it’s time to get down to business, book your accommodation, buy those books and pack your stuff.

Whether you a moving into halls, a student flat or shared house, you will want to take your creature comforts as well as essentials with you, so we have put together a checklist to get you started.

Before you leave home, have these documents with you, as well as getting copies and emailing it to yourself and your parents:
University and course acceptance letter plus exam certificates
Accommodation contract and insurance documents
Student loan documents
Bank account details, card and cheque book
Driving license and passport as well as up NHS number and National Insurance card

You will be so used to having everything under one roof, you might forget that you won’t be just a gadget away when you aren’t at home. This might seem like a big list, but it is worth having:
Laptop plus charger, USB stick and an ethernet cable
Mobile phone and charger
Power extension cable with surge protection
Printer with ink

Yes, you could eat out all the time, but it makes more sense to do cook for yourself and to do this you will need:
A frying pan or a wok and a sauce pan
A cutlery set, sharp knife, scissors and spare teaspoons
Two glasses, mugs, plates and bowls
A baking tray and mixing bowl
A water bottle – buying endless bottles of mineral water on campus soon adds up
Tea towels, cloths, kitchen roll, soap and washing up liquid
A box of basic groceries with cereal, bread, milk, jam, tea, coffee, pasta, ketchup and an emergency bottle of vodka to break the ice with your neighbours

Your bedroom
Your bedroom will be your sanctuary so make it as comfortable as you can and take:
Two sheets, two duvet covers and pillow cases as well as a decent duvet and pillows
Mattress protector – take our word for it on this one
Clothes and coat hangers
Photos of friends & family as well as posters and Blue Tac
A lamp and lampshade
A mirror

We can’t promise you will get an en-suite at uni so be prepared to share a bathroom and take this little lot with you so you, and your surroundings, are clean and fresh.
Several towels
Medication and a basic first aid kit with plasters, paracetamol, antiseptic cream and wipes
Febreeze and washing powder
A toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shop, shower gel, bubble bath and any other home comforts
Toilet roll

Of course, you won’t be far from a Tesco or Boots, so you can shop when you arrive but this little should help to get you started and can probably be paid for by the bank of mum and dad before you leave.

Good luck!

Team Pure-Beauty