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How to Give Yourself a Home Pedicure

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When the sun is shining and your tootsies are constantly on show in a series of sandals, it makes sense to splurge and have your pedicures done in a salon. However, when the weather cools and our feet are stuffed into boots for months on end, spending money on keeping our feet looking nice seems like a false economy. However, if you leave your feet to their own devices all winter, they’re going to emerge in spring looking more like they belong to the Gruffalo, so we’ve put together some home pedicure tips which should keep you going over the colder months.

Soak Them

Before you do anything to your feet, you’ll want to get them super soft and clean, so soaking in a bath with some Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak will soften any hard skin, making it easy to scrub it away. Make sure the bath isn’t too hot and spend plenty of time soaking to get the best results.

Scrub Them

Getting rid of hard skin is really important, otherwise it can build up and look (and feel) really unpleasant. Many people go straight for harsh files and blades to get rid of skin, but often it’s enough to persevere with a gentler product like Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub. Use this after soaking your feet on a regular basis and the skin won’t have a chance to build up to unpleasant levels.

Brush Them

The tops of your feet are just as important as the bottoms and people often focus the care and exfoliation on the latter because that’s where the hard skin builds up, forgetting the rest of the foot. This area doesn’t need a harsh exfoliation, but brushing it with the Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush every time you bathe or shower will keep the tops of your toes looking great.

Trim Them

Everyone has a personal preference for toenail length, but keeping them short is the most hygienic and low-maintenance way to get through the winter. Use proper clippers which are intended for feet and make sure you cut them straight, not cutting off the corners as this can lead in ingrown toenails and open you up to possible infections.

Paint Them

Painting your toenails is SO much easier than painting your own fingernails because there’s no need to swap hands! Opt for either a nude which suits your skin tone or a dark colour and they’re the neatest option for short nails. Nudes will need less maintenance, too!

Moisturise Them

It’s absolutely VITAL to moisturise your feet if you want them to remain soft and free from hard skin. Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream is an intensely moisturising formulation melts beautifully into the skin, smoothing and hydrating rough dry areas. It’s designed specifically for feet and is infused with a blend of aromatic oils to help soothe and comfort tired, overworked feet.