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With prices going up all the time and appetites getting bigger, a trip to the supermarket can be an expensive experience.

We have had a look at how you can be a smarter shopper when it comes to buying food and how to ensure it doesn’t go to waste, along with your hard-earned cash.

Make a list
Sounds so simple but how many times have you gone to the shops for a pint of milk and come home with five bags full of food you didn’t know you needed? Special offers and BOGF deals can be tempting but if you don’t actually need what is on the shelves, you aren’t saving anything at all. Make a list either on a piece of paper or your phone, and stick to it.

Take a bag
Yes, we know it is only a few pennies but taking your own bags when you go shopping doesn’t only help your purse but it also protects the environment.

Shop online
With many supermarkets offering free delivery (over a certain spend), shopping online can work out cheaper as you also save on petrol and car parking as well as your time. Do a comparison of who offers what, when the best delivery slots are for you and where there are offers and savings to be had and you might find ordering from your comfort of you own home makes sense on many levels.

Buy in bulk
Whether you are in store or online, buying in bulk is the way to go if you are looking at making savings. Tins, pasta, rice, ketchup, water, cereal and washing powder are all everyday staples and ones that can come with a hefty price tag at the corner shop. Do some research, look for deals and where you can, buy in bulk once a month and not only will soon see savings but you’ll never run out of the basics.

Get your rewards
Most major outlets from supermarkets to chemists and coffee shops offer reward schemes, so sign up for them. As well as getting great deals and offers, you can also get extra discounts, free products and vouchers, so don’t miss out.

Use your freezer
Tonnes of food goes to waste each year, so if you are aren’t going to eat something before the use by date, put in the freezer rather than leaving it until it needs to go in the bin. You can also pick up bargain items at the end of the day and freeze them for later. Batch cook soups, casseroles, stews and bolognaise then freeze them and save yourself time and money and will also have a hot meal ready to go.

Eat before you shop
Sounds daft but if you go shopping when you are hungry, you are more likely to spend more money and eat as you shop. Having lunch before you go out will save you pounds on your bill, and your waistline.

Look for vouchers
We have all been stuck in front of someone at the checkout who has a purse full of vouchers and while it might hold you up, these beauties do save you money. Newspapers, magazines, flyers and websites all carry money off vouchers, so keep them and use them the next time you are shopping to save some pennies.

Got a money-saving idea? Why not share the discount love with us?

Team Pure-Beauty