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For many of us ‘Sammy the Spaniel’ and ‘Toby the Tabby’ are as much a part of the family as the kids and grandma.

While you might think the odd human treat shows your pet just how much you love them, it could actually cause catastrophic damage and spoil the festivities for everyone.

We have some top tips on how to keep your furry friends safe and well this Christmas.

The Christmas tree
This might sound totally OTT but if you have pets then it’s a good idea to go for non-toxic decorations – details should be on the packaging. We don’t want to spoil all the fun but if you can, avoid edible decorations because these will be sniffed out, pulled down and eaten. If you go for a real tree make sure you hoover up any needles from the floor and just check the pot for any pet presents!

Fairy lights are pretty but they can be harmful, so watch out for anyone getting tangled up and if you aren’t in the room, turn them off to save any electric shocks.

Yes, Christmas plants look pretty and make the house feel festive but holly, amaryllis, poinsettias, mistletoe and pine sap are all poisonous to cats and dogs but they don’t know this and will have a chew anyway.

Uncle Billy might think a little bit of Dairy Milk won’t hurt Frodo but he is wrong. Chocolate contains theobromine which is dangerous for dogs and other pets, so don’t let them tuck in. Also make sure mince pies, Christmas cake and anything else containing raisins are put out of reach and never leave glasses of wine or beer on the floor or you could be in trouble.

We know that chicken and turkey bones look perfect for your pooch but the reality is that they can splinter and this can cause serious problems for your pet, so wrap them in newspaper and put in the dustbin as soon as you can.

While the holidays mean you can take a break from your everyday routine, it is important that life is kept as normal as possible for your pets.

Continue to feed at the same time each day, make sure they have access to water and don’t use this as a time to try out new food – it might make life unpleasant for all. You might not feel like going out in the cold, but dogs still need to be walked and you will actually find that a run around the park will tire them out and stop them from being disruptive and hyper when people come to visit.

If you don’t want your new boots to be chewed or that cashmere jumper to be used as a new bed, get your pet a present too this Christmas. A dog bone, new toy or bright ball will keep them entertained and out of mischief.

A quiet place
If the house is going to be busier than usual and full of strange people, make sure your pets have a safe retreat. Put their bed in the utility room or spare bedroom with their toys and blankets so they have somewhere safe to retreat to when it gets too much.

The rules
Speaking of guests, it is important they know not to pull your pets around, especially if children are coming to the house. Gently explain your rules and also ask people not to open doors, gates or windows as you don’t want your animals to escape and get injured or lost.

If anything does go wrong, call your vet as soon as possible to the necessary treatment can be carried out.

Team Pure Beauty