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If you were one of the thousands who made it through Dry January without a drink, congratulations.

The temptation to make up for lost time might cross your mind, but Long Islands Ice Teas all night long, might not be the best idea for your head, you waistline or your pocket.

What we are say is, you don’t need to give up booze altogether, but there are many benefits of cutting down how much you drink. In the short-term you will feel fresher when you wake up in the morning, have more energy, enjoy clearer skin and even lose those stubborn extra pounds.

Over time you will find that consuming less alcohol will have so many plus sides you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Improved mood
There is no doubt that drinking can make you feel depressed and hangovers often make you feel down in the dumps anxious and so cutting back could really make you feel happier.

Better sleep
Drinking can really disrupt your sleep patterns and prevent you from getting the good quality sleep that keeps you healthy. Cutting down on alcohol should help you feel rested when you wake up and drink free days will really improve your sleep.

Improved behaviour
Judgement and behaviour often go out of the window, especially when you’ve had one too many. Irrational and aggressive behaviour easily happens after a big night out and memory loss only make things worse the next day. Go easy on the beers and even offer to be the designated driver every now and again and lay off the booze altogether.

Better health
You might think that a regular drink helps you relax and unwind, but the reality is it can play havoc with your immune system and internal organs, so don’t over do it or you could pay the price with colds and infections.

With all of this said, we have had a look at how to keep your drinking at a sensible level all year round, rather than for just one month.

Make a plan
Make a decision about how much you are going to each week, set a limit and write it done.

Budget for It
Don’t forget that booze costs pounds, so just be aware of what you are spending on drinking each week and pair that up with your plan.

Do it together
If you tend to drink with work colleagues, family members, your partner or friends, let them know your new drinking intentions and see if they want to put a limit on things too.

One step at a time
We aren’t saying give up the juice right this minute, but if you make small changes every week, you will soon find you are drinking less and loving the benefits.

Go Small
Yes, BOGOF offers and happy hours are fun, but they can be your ruin. Go for singles over doubles, have a bottle of beer rather than a pint and don’t go large when it comes to the size of your wine glass.

Swap it for water
To get ahead of the game, before your first alcoholic drink and between each subsequent one, have a glass of water.

Alcohol free days
Try to have several drink free days each week and see how you sleep and if your mood improves when you swap a G&T for a cup of tea.

See the savings
Put the money you save on drink each week into a jar and treat yourself to a spa day, new haircut or those shoes you have always wanted at the end of the year.

Most of all, enjoy a happier, healthier, wealthier you.

Team Pure-Beauty