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As the days get longer, the temperatures start to rise and the daffodils show their sunny heads, many of us want to make changes to our homes so they feel lighter and brighter.

Decorating an entire house can be a big job, but by making changes to the walls in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway can have a real impact and create the illusion of complete change.

The way you design your walls can transform cold into cosy, boring into beautiful and take old-fashioned into uber-cool in an instant and we have had a look at how.

Ideas and planning
Before you do anything have a think about the kind of finish you are looking for, what colours and patterns you like as well as how practical your choices are. Social media sites, magazines, weekend supplements and even moving websites can be great sources of inspiration, so use them to work out what would feel best in your home.

Stick it
Peel-off stickers come in a wide range of designs and sizes and instantly transform a wall from a boring background into a world of animals, a space age galaxy or a tranquil garden.

Statements Walls
Broad horizontal stripes or a single wall painted in a bright primary colour can be perfect for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms and give that room a really cool, individual feel.

Map it out
Maps – old and new – not only add a splash of style but they are educational too. You can quite simply paste pages from books, wrapping paper or pictures enlarged on a photocopier, onto a wall and create something totally unique.

Wallpaper is on trend in the world of interiors right now so there is a lot of choice to decide from. From pure natural woven fibres and light-reflecting metallic paper to hand-blocked papers, three-dimensional designs and digitally printed styles it is hard to know where to start, and sometimes where to stop. Do be aware that wallpaper doesn’t always withstand wear and tear like paint, so be careful where you use it. Vinyl is durable and easy to put up and you can even get washable wallpapers that are wipeable and perfect for families who want a stylish home.stylish home

There are some really beautiful mirrors in the shops but you can also find stunning pieces in antique shops and car boot sales that give a retro feel. Go for a large mirror with a striking framed you will not only add light and dimension to any room but also to add an air of grandeur.

Go for art
Whether you buy from for a local artist, frame prints from the masters or use you kid’s doodles art is a brilliant way to bring your walls to life.

Light it up
Washing walls with light keeps edges bright but also offers a warm glow that lifts an entire room. A picture light not only brighten up a dark space but is a focal point while table lamps spread light across a walls and you will be surprised at the effect under cabinet lighting creates on a kitchen or living room wall.

Prepping your walls
Once you have decided what you are going to do with your walls, you need to make sure they are as clean and smooth as possible.

For a decent base peel away bulging, loose or crumbling plaster, strip off wallpaper and fill in cracks and holes; sanding down the area when it’s dry. Once your walls are ready, prime them using watered-down emulsion and if you are going to be putting up new wallpaper, coat the walls with a sizing solution or watered-down wallpaper paste for a really professional base, then get to work.

Whether you are going for big, bold statements, want to add some warmth or simply need to cover up those sticky finger prints, we hope we have given you food for thought for change.

Team Pure Beauty