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You think nothing of spring cleaning your home, garden or garage, but how often do you take stock of your finances?

Make April the month to clear away those cash cobwebs and let the pennies take care of the pounds.

Sort out the admin
It is well worth spending an hour or two getting your paperwork together so you can see what your financial position is at this current moment. If you don’t know where you are, it’s hard to get a plan in place for the future. Sit down with a cuppa and your bank statements, insurance policies, energy costs, mobile phone and internet bills and anything else you pay out on. Make a list of how much things are costing each month and this will give you a good starting point.

Chuck out what you don’t use
This might sound silly but check your bank statement carefully as it could be you are paying for gym memberships, online services and magazine subscriptions you no longer use and if that’s the case, look at stopping these so money can be better spent elsewhere.

Swap things around
We know that changing suppliers can be a pain but it is worth shopping around and seeing where savings can be made.

Look for balance transfers on credit cards
If you’re paying full interest rates on your credit cards, see if you can move to another provider so you can clear your balance quickly and for less.

Make the most of your savings
If you do have savings accounts or an ISA, pop into your bank or building society and make sure you are getting the best return on your investments. Also, make sure you use your IAS allowance because you either “use it or lose it”.

Ask for a pay rise
If you work hard and give 100% to your employer, at your next review why not ask for a pay rise? Write a list of all your achievements over the past year and when you sit down with your manager highlight these and your ambition to move up the career ladder. Put your best points forward and you never know, you might get a rise and a promotion! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

You have seen the adverts but if you think you have something to claim when it comes to PPI, or are just interested, the window closes on 29 August 2019. Try to steer away from the claims guys and instead look at www.which.co.uk to find out how to do it yourself.

Collect points
Using loyalty schemes might feel uncomfortable for some, but they can really make a difference. Points can equal cash, vouchers and free coffee, so read the small print to make sure you aren’t signing your life away, but if it’s going to help, take advantage of what’s on offer.

If you want to make some cash, as you spring clean the house look at what you can sell on local sites or at carboot sales and give away anything else to charity to keep the clutter at bay.

Once you have got your affairs in order, create a budget, including saving for a rainy day, and stick to it. You will find that if you are in control of your cash, it will not longer control you and you won’t feel sick each time a bill lands in your inbox.

Team Pure Beauty