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It might be the smallest room in the house, but your bathroom can be the best.

Even tired bathrooms can look gorgeous, and with a little TLC you can create an oasis of calm in your own home.

We have some easy, but effective tips to help you create a little haven where you can go to escape after a hard day.

Get the colour right
A pale, neutral hue opens up a small bathroom and gives it a clean, contemporary feel. If you like a little colour, consider pale blues and greens as these can create a light airy feel and if you add texture with timber shelving, wicker baskets and waffle towels it will feel far from clinical.

Natural light
Bathroom windows are often small, but they do still offer an element of natural light. They key to success is keeping sills clear and clean and not covering glass with window treatments which blur lines. You can bounce light around the room with the strategic placement of mirrors and using glossy tiles rather than matt options which can be dull and lifeless.

Tile it
When it comes to tiles, there has never been so much choice out there. If you are going to replace tiles, remember it can add up, especially if you need to re-plaster the walls, but at the same time this can totally transform a room and add value to your property. Large tiles can add depth to a room and make it look bigger and smaller coloured tiles and intricate mosaic tiles look beautiful around your bathtub and add an air of glamour. Do remember tiles can be cold in winter, so look at under floor heating if you take this route.

Patterns on the floor
Patterned and decorative tiles are a big thing at the moment. While tiles can be pricey, you can achieved the same effect using a specialist stencil and floor paint. With a wide range of stencils currently on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to creating the perfect palace bathroom. Go for a contrasting colour to your walls, and do a test run to make sure you are happy with the pattern and colours.

Dark tones
Matt blacks and dark greys can look really cool in bathrooms. Used for furniture and accessories, it can be teamed with white walls and pale tiles for a sophisticated, on trend look that won’t age.

LED lights are not only eco-friendly but they are also the perfect way to add ambience to your bathroom. From LED mirrors, to LED taps and lighting recessed into ceilings, bath panels and floor tiles, the trend is spreading fast and is one you might want to get involved with.

Freshen up
Reed diffusers in your bathroom take away nasty smalls and make your loo smell like a spa.

Add colour
If nothing else, simply change the colour theme of your bathroom accessories to give it a spring clean. By choosing one statement colour for your soap dispenser, tumbler, toilet roll holder, toilet brush holder, towels, bath mats and shower curtain you will bring the whole room together. We love bright pink, navy and dark grey because they all totally change the look and feel of any bathroom.

Let us know what makes your bathroom sparkle, we would love to know.

Team Pure Beauty