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While foundation is helpful when it comes to hiding blemishes and creating a flawless complexion, wearing layers of make-up and powder everyday doesn’t always help your skin breath and won’t leave it in the best condition.

We all know we need to take deep breaths when life seems out of control, and you can apply the same principle to your skin.

Here are our top tips on how to give your skin a break so it feels and looks great.

Cleanse every morning and night
We have said it before and will say it again but it is essential to cleanse twice a day with a face wash or cleanser designed for your skin type. This is especially important if you do wear make-up as the process will remove left over products and residue which has built up over time.

Remove make-up before you sleep
When we sleep, our skin rejuvenates and repairs itself, however if you have make-up on when you fall asleep, this won’t happen as well as it could. The dirt will sit on your face as you sleep so your pores may well get clogged up, leaving you with unhappy skin when you wake up.

A gentle, natural exfoliation product is a must have for most of us as they gently remove dead skin cells and product-build leaving you with a silky-smooth, natural glow. Check the details of the product before you use it, and always follow instructions.

Take a make up detox
For many people this is scary, but how about going make-up free one day a week to give your skin a break? Maybe on a Sunday, cleanse, tone and moisturise, leave your make-up bag zipped up and if you have to go out, wear sunglasses and a cap to make it less painful. Go on, we dare you.

Love your lips
Go easy with lipstick as they can be drying. Simply apply a little balm to your lips and this will keep them soft and moisturised.

Go for lighter coverage
Swapping heavy-duty products for lighter alternatives will let your skin breath and they are less likely to block pores and cause congestion. There are some great tutorials and guides online that show you how to create a pretty, natural look that you might even prefer to the more sculptured approach you usually take to make-up. You may find that using the right moisture followed by a foundation that matches your skin tone will actually enhance your natural complexion and erase any imperfections without having to add layers of product that hides your beauty.

Don’t exercise with make-up on
It might leave you feeling exposed, but try not to exercise with your make-up on. The reason for this is because as you exercise you sweat and this gets rid of the toxins in your body. If you’re pores are clogged up with make-up, your skin can’t sweat productively so your face remains dirty and oily leaving it prone to breakouts, something you don’t want and can avoid.

We all need a little TLC and so does out skin. Once a month try to have a facial which will not only relax you but also boost your circulation, add hydration and leave your skin soft and smooth. If you don’t have the time, or budget, to go to a pro, apply a face mask or massaging facial oil into your skin as you relax in the bath can also give you the time out you need to let go off stress and give your skin some love too.

Team Pure Beauty