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Let’s face it.

Your feet work really hard for you.

From the moment you get out of bed and make that first cup of coffee, to walking to work, running for the bus and then climbing the stairs back to bed, it’s all go for your toes.

The thing is, if you take care of your feet in-between salon pedicures, you can look sandal smart all summer long and we are going to show you how.

Soak Away
Why not set Sunday aside as a pamper night? Once you have switched off your phone and lit some candles and turned on your play list, fill a bowl with warm water and get ready to chill. Add a little of your favourite bubble bath or foot crystals (available in chemists and supermarkets) then let your feet soak for around 10 minutes and use this time to focus on you and your breathing. As your feet sit in the water, the skin will soften and your muscles will relax.

With your skin nice and soft, rinse and dry them and then use an exfoliation product to get rid of the dead cells that can build up as a result of wearing flip-flops and padding around in bare feet when the temperatures rise.

Buff Up
For this step, we suggest you go back to basics and use a pumice stone as these can make a big difference to the way your feet look and feel. Very gently rub the stone over those stubborn areas where the skin is tough and problematic. If you do need an extra hand with this, then speak to your beautician the next time you are in the salon.

Tidy Up
There is no point in making sure your feet look good if your toenails leave a lot to be desired. As they will also be softer than usual after a warm water soak, this is the time to pay them some attention and we would suggest you buy some decent scissors just for the job. You need to cut straight across the nail, do not be tempted to go for a curve or to tidy up the corners, as you could cut too much away or end up with ingrowing nails – neither of which you want. Toes are ticklish, but needs must when it comes to beauty, so next take a clean file and make sure they are smooth and tidy with no sharp corners or jagged sides.

Just like other parts of the body, your feet need to be moisturised if you want them to be happy and healthy. Go for a foot cream which is rich in Vitamin E and contains peppermint, which is super cooling as this is a winning combination. Work the cream into the problem areas and let the goodness melt in.

Yes, this is the really fun bit. We love coloured toes but the key to a clean, slick finish is to either use separators or place a twisted tissue between each toe and this will protect against smudges. Whether you opt for rich red, a pop of pink or maybe a cool coral, add a clear finish and you will have happy feet and a smile.

Team Pure-Beauty