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From breakfast cereals and frothy coffees, to Christmas treats and party bag chews, sugar is all around us and it is very tempting, as well as very tasty.

We know sugar is found in sweets, biscuits, and cakes, but it is also hidden in bread, dips, and sauces, and that’s where many of us really fall down and our intake adds up.

Eating too much sugar is linked to tooth decay, mood swings and weight gain, so while we aren’t going to tell you to stop enjoying it altogether, we do have some simple swaps which can help you cut down, without missing out.

Clear out at the cupboards
Let’s face it, if the kitchen is packed with sugary snacks and treats, people will eat them, remove temptation and they can’t. Go through your fridge and cupboard and have a look at what you are currently buying and see where changes can be made and once something sweet has gone, don’t replace it. When you are more aware of what you are buying, you may well find that as your shopping habits change, your bill goes down and your sweet tooth eases.

Easy swaps
Scrambled eggs rather than waffles for breakfast, carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus after school and natural yogurt with a handful of nuts and raisins for supper are all healthy offerings that taste good and take the sugar down. Change isn’t always easy, but over time healthier eating does become a way of life and you never know, you might suddenly realise what you have been missing out on.

Cook from scratch
You might think that an organic tomato sauce in a jar is a healthy bolognaise option, but you will be surprised just how much sugar, and other additives and preservatives, are added to get that perfect taste. If you really want to know what you are eating, make it yourself. Yes, it might take a little longer, but we are pretty sure it will be better for you and if you get the family involved, it can bring you together and make you closer as well as healthier.

Size matters
One biscuit is fine; the entire packet isn’t! It is so easy to eat as you watch TV or swipe right on your phone, but as you munch through that popcorn and chocolate, the sugar levels will be increasing and in time, your waistline will too. Look at having three balanced meals a day, packed with fresh fruit and veg, as well as two healthy snacks and plenty of water, and look at keeping portion sizes reasonable, and added extras down.

You are what you drink
As we have just mentioned water, we are going to say right now that sugary drinks should ideally be avoided. Fizzy drinks and syrup laden hot chocolates won’t do you any favours and while we think fruit juices and smoothies are good for us, in the main it is best to drink water and milk. Boring, maybe, good for you, yes! If you do want to make your water a little more uplifting, try adding ice along with some cucumber, mint, basil or rosemary and you will be better off for it.

So, we aren’t saying to give up everything you love, but we do recommend taking time to look at what you are eating and drinking, and seeing how just a few small changes could make a difference not only to your hair, skin and teeth, but your mood and pocket too!

Team Pure Beauty