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The ads are on TV, the lights are up in town, and those shopping lists are getting longer by the day. While Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration and joy, the reality is that all those presents, splashing out on a new dress for the Christmas party and having to buy another Secret Santa, means that our bank balances, and stress levels, can go into the red.

We have had a look at some easy ways to boost your cash flow at a time when you most need it, and take off some of the pressure that can take the fun out of Christmas.

Sell what you don’t need
Have a look in your loft and cupboards and we bet there are loads of things gathering dust that you don’t need, but that someone else would snap up! You don’t have to head out to a cold, rainy car boot sale to flog your stuff these days as there are lots of selling sites out there, as well as great local groups on Facebook that work really well. Whether it’s a mobile phone that you no longer use, a keyboard you never play, or a pair of heels that are just too high, the internet means you have a global marketplace to sell what you don’t need, but other people do!

Make the most of your skills
The Sunday Times bestseller, The Multi-Hyphen Method, looks at how you don’t need to have one main job anymore. From writing and photography, to social media management and dog sitting, there are lots of side hustles out there you can get involved with to make some extra money. Make sure you get things sorted out first, like your tax and insurance, and then rather than watching TV or playing on the X-Box, you could use that time to clear your overdraft and get together some much-needed extra cash.

Make a switch
Simply switching bank accounts you could make yourself a tidy pile of cash – check The Money Saving Expert to find out how. You can also look at switching your utilities if you want to save more money and make a tidy pile of cash. It might be a little bit of a hassle, but there are some good deals out there if you do your research.

Secret Santa
If you are really smart, don’t buy everyone a present this Christmas, instead think about doing a Secret Santa. Whether it is for extended family, work colleagues or flatmates, set a budget, pick something you know your chosen recipient will love and you won’t only save money, you’ll have less things to sell to on eBay next Christmas too!

Go for deals
When it does coming to shopping, look out for the deals, there are many to be had. From discounts, ‘buy one get one free’ offers, samples and three for two deals, you will find a lot of ways to make your cash go further.

The great thing about all of these ideas, is that while they can help you around Christmas, if you put them into play all the time, your bank account should be healthy 12 months of the year.

Team Pure Beauty