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www.pexels.comTrainers for Steve, a new phone for Rosie and that much wanted laptop for Alice, Christmas is full of presents but how about giving something back to those less fortunate than you?

We have had a look at some of the good causes you can contribute to this Christmas, as well as looking at a few ideas that come from the heart, direct to someone who will really appreciate it.

Crisis at Christmas
For less than £30, you can ensure someone in need gets a place at the Crisis Christmas table this year. That cost will include a nutritious, delicious Christmas dinner, the offer of a hot shower and clean clothes to change into. There will also be a bed for the night if needed, health checks if people want them as well as expert advice on mental health and addiction problems.

Food banks
As you order your Christmas food, or stock up in the supermarket, why not add a few extras for those who can’t afford the cost of living. There are food banks up and down the country and by donating everyday items, as well as some festive treats, you could be making a big difference to someone in need.

Clic Sargent
Did you know that £10 could buy two story books that will help children understand cancer and treatment. £30 pays for a family to stay at a Homes from Home for one night, so they can be close to hospital and £50 (the cost of a computer game) could pay for a CLIC Sargent nurse to talk to a child about their cancer diagnosis and what treatment will be like. This could make a huge difference to an entire family for less than the cost of one meal out for you.

Charity shop drop
Don’t throw away the books, clothes and shoes you no longer need, give them to a local charity shop. You might not want that thick coat or set of pans, but a charity shop gives someone else the chance to buy something they can’t afford new, and the charity gets to generate an income for their cause too. Oh, and while you are there, you could buy your Christmas cards or odd present and give even more back.

Eating on the streets
No one knows the story behind people who are homeless, but we do know that everyone gets hungry. Yes, you can give someone money, but why not buy them a sandwich, some hot soup, plus a bottle of water, and you will know that they will have eaten something that day.

The Salvation Army
Did you know that the Salvation Army helps people across the UK and there are many ways you can be a part of their work? From cake sales with family and friends to trekking in Cambodia, as well as making donations rather than sending cards, there are endless ways you can help them to make life easier for someone in need.

Volunteer you time
Time is something we can all give, and volunteers at soup kitchens over Christmas are always needed. Many organisations offer a hot meal inside in the warm to people sleeping rough, so why not do some research and see what is happening in your area and how you could get involved.

Go carol singing
Maybe this is a little old-fashioned, but why not get together some friends, put on your hats and gloves and go out and sing carols to raise coppers (and more) for a cause that is close to your heart and your home.

Have a wonderful Christmas, but if you can, do something to make someone else’s just that little bit easier too.

Team Pure Beauty