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www.pexels.comMention the word ‘sales’ and the temptation is to head to the shops and spend, spend, spend. The reality is that something in the sale is only a real bargain if it is something you need, something you are going to wear or use and something that fits.

With discounts out there on the High Street and online, we are going to have a look at how you can be a winning shopper when it comes to the sales.

Do your research
OK, this might take out a little bit of the spontaneity of sales shopping, but before you part with your credit card, just check you are getting the best deal possible. Those trainers with 20% off in one shop, might have a whopping 50% off somewhere else, so look around and you might be surprised at what you will find and where the real savings are to be made.

Buy for now
Yes, that black dress is amazing but if you are a size 12 and it is a size 8, don’t buy it ‘just incase’. Go for items that actually fit you now and you are going to wear, rather than something that will stare at you from the wardrobe and remind you of those extra pounds you keep meaning to lose, but don’t.

Go for classics
A wool coat, a black shift dress, fitted trousers and leather brogues are all classic staples that will stand the test of time. You really will make a saving if you go for items that you can mix and match as the trends change.

Check your diary
The sales are a great time to find something for a forthcoming wedding, birthday party or work do. See what’s in the diary and you never know, you might save stacks on a knock out dress and killer heels which would normally be way out of your budget.

Take a closer look
Let’s face it, shop floors in the sales can get busy and messy, so just check what you are buying. Look for dirt and dust, check for holes and snags, and look at the neck and ensure it isn’t plastered in foundation that might not even come off in a hot wash.

What are the terms?
Yes, you have consumer rights, but we would just suggest you check these before you buy. See whether you can get a refund or if it is exchange only and always put the receipt somewhere safe. Also ask when these changes have to be made, so you don’t end up taking that cute jumper to the charity shop because it’s just too small but can’t be returned.

Check your shoes
Now, you might see those perfect heels as the shop is closing and want to just take them then and there, but before you hand over the cash, make sure they fit and also check they are the same size. Nothing worse than getting ready to party and finding you have one size 5 shoe and one size 6!

Take a break
Shopping is fun, but while you are out make sure you stop and refuel and take stock of what you have already bought. If you are tired and hungry, you may well make purchases you regret which will mean a return visit so you won’t have saved any time, or money at all.

If doubt, don’t do it
What we would say is that if you are in doubt, then don’t buy it, move on and save your money for something you really love.

Happy shopping.

Team Pure Beauty