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The new year is here and with it comes a report from Public Health England that states some children in the UK have eaten more than the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18-year-old by the time they are 10.

According to the study, children are eating about eight extra sugar cubes a day which amounts to a staggering 2,800 cubes too many, every year.

While we know that this is an average, it is still a pretty shocking statistic, and a habit that can lead to a whole host of health issues. To help, we’ve looked at how you can cut down on sugar so you are a whole lot healthier in 2019, and beyond.

Drink water
Fizzy pop, sports drinks and squashes might taste good but they are all jam-packed with sugar, and you can really do without it. Yes, you can go for the no added sugar options, but these are often full of artificial sweeteners that can be damaging, so instead drink water, add ice, and if you want to spice things up, pop in some sliced lemon and cucumber, and your teeth, and waistline, will thank you.

Take it out of hot drinks
Tea with one, coffee with two? The extra sugar in your hot drinks adds up, and while it might take a while to get used to not having it, over time you will adapt. We aren’t saying go cold turkey (you can if you are brave enough) but we do suggest that you cut out sugar in your hot drinks and even try herbal teas instead?

Look at labels
We get it, you are busy and in a rush but tooth decay waits for no one, so if you can spare a few moments, then do read labels to find out exactly what is in the products you are buying. You will be amazed at the amount of hidden sugar that is found in everyday products like yogurt, bread and even tomato ketchup, and once you see just how much sugar you are eating without realising it, you may make different choices in the future.

Rethink your cereals
A bowl of cereal might feel like a healthy breakfast, but do you know just how much sugar you are eating before you even leave the house in the morning? Even some muesli and packaged porridge have extra sugar, so before your next shop, do some homework and see just what is inside your box of favourite cereal. You can find low sugar options on the supermarket shelves or why not simply combining organic porridge oats with nuts, seeds and a little cinnamon and you will have a far healthier option, that is probably cheaper too.

Check your yogurts
To get it right, opt for plain or Greek yoghurt rather than some of the fancier pots you find in the chilled isle. Adding fresh fruit, cinnamon, nuts and seeds is a great breakfast or mid-morning option that is low in sugar but gives you a vitamin and protein hit rather than a miserable sugar low by 11am.

Cut out cakes
We don’t mean never eat cake again, but the sugar and refined carbs found in most shop bough cakes won’t do you many favours. You can off course make your own using or, try slicing apples and pears and spreading with 100% nut butter and you have a healthy snack that will fill you will goodness rather than sugar. Fruit, hard-boiled egg, nuts and carrot sticks are also good cake alternatives.

Cook from scratch
We know many people are time poor, but when you can, cook from scratch so you know exactly what you are eating. Making a simple tomato sauce to go over pasta is much better for you than a pre-made version, a curry in the slow cooker will contain only the sugar you add and baked potatoes in the oven for an hour are so much better for you than frozen chips!

We aren’t saying that you have to cut out ALL sugar all the time, but we do think that making some changes could not only help with your teeth and waistline but it could also help to really nourish your brain and save your skin, so give it a go and let us know what you think.

Team Pure Beauty