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Distract Yourself During Dry January!

Photo by Yuri Efremov on Unsplash

January is here and after the excesses of last month, many of us are opting for a dry January (i.e. no alcohol!) to try to give our bodies as chance to recover and start the new year off right. However, for some of us, a glass of wine in the evenings is our main way to wind down after a long day, so what do we do to relax and distract ourselves during dry January? We’ve got five ideas:

Get a Hobby

January is a great time to start a new hobby; it’s miserable outside anyway, so unless your hobby is gardening, it’s a great excuse to stay indoors! It’s a known fact that mental stimulation helps to keep your brain active and slows down the ageing process, even helping to halt the onset of Alzheimer’s, so a hobby will benefit both your mind and your body.

Get Some Extra Sleep!

So many of us stroll through life feeling totally fatigued, yet when it comes to it, we stay up to watch just one more episode of whatever show we’re into at the time instead of getting some sleep. Allowing yourself to get regular early nights will not only have massively positive effects on your body and its ability to heal itself, it’s great for your mental health too, especially when you wake up feeling rested.

Learn a Skill

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? A new language? A new style of cooking? January is a great time to take the bull by the horns and learn a new skill, so why not take a look at what your local adult college has to offer?

Pamper Yourself

Cold nights, long evenings spent at home – has there ever been a better time to pamper yourself a little? Instead of reaching for a glass of wine, have a relaxing bath, use a face mask, and treat yourself to a conditioning nail treatment. Indulge yourself at least once a week and your stress levels, as well as your body, will thank you for it!

Do Some Reading

So many of us have fallen into the pattern of work, home for dinner, kids bedtime routine, collapse on the sofa to watch the telly or stare at your phone screen and we then say “I never have time to read a book”. Often, finding time is just about having a re-shuffle, and if you really want to fine the time, you’ll put down the smartphone or switch off the TV!