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5 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Acne Worse

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Acne is a struggle for a lot of people, and dealing with it usually takes a multi-pronged approach which is different for everyone. There are, however, a lot of mistakes that acne sufferers make which could be making the condition much worse. Here, we look at five of them.

Too Much Abrasive Exfoliation

When you have acne, there’s a tendency to want to over-clean your skin, but using products which are too abrasive can actually exacerbate things. Use a gentle exfoliator a few times a week, and if you’re afraid of being too rough with your hands, try an exfoliating brush, which works to clean pores without irritating your skin.

Squeezing Pimples

We know that pimples can feel unsightly, but squeezing them can do more harm than good. As well as causing inflammation and redness, there’s the risk of scarring and even introducing bacteria, which can cause infections in your face. Opt for a spot treatment which will kill the bacteria and reduce the redness, instead.

Poor Rinsing

Something that a lot of us are guilty of is failing to rinse products off of our faces after washing. This means that not only has the dirt not been washed away, but residual product is left on our faces, which can cause irritation and spot formation. Be sure to rinse your skin thoroughly after washing; about 30 seconds should be enough.

Failing to Moisturise

If your skin is shiny or has an oily feel, it doesn’t mean you should avoid moisturising. After washing, your skin’s relatively dry as a result of the cleansing process. All cleansers, even water, take out some level of moisture. Using a moisturiser will replace this, protect your skin and prep it for makeup – we recommend Dermalogica Matte Moisturiser SPF15 which also contains a sunscreen for extra protection.

Forgetting to Use Sunscreen

While we’re on the topic of sunscreen, skipping it is a bad idea. Sunburn may dry your skin out temporarily, but the damage from drying your skin out so drastically can actually cause your acne to worsen in the long-run. For optimum protection apply a facial moisturiser that contains sunscreen of SPF15 or more every day.