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When the temperature drops and the nights are dark, it is easy to spend your time curled up on the sofa eating sugary snacks and keeping warm, rather than eating salads, heading outside and getting active like we do in the summer.

Bearing this in mind, it’s therefore not uncommon to put on a little weight during the winter months, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By making small changes to your lifestyle now, you will not only help your waistline, but your mental health and overall wellbeing could benefit too.

Always have breakfast
As tempting as it is to have an extra ten minutes in bed, having breakfast in the morning is not only a great way to start the day but can also stop you from eating more later in the day. Pass on the sugary cereals and carb heavy white toast, and instead look at having a high protein meal that will keep hunger locked up for longer. Scrambled eggs and avocado are a great idea, poached eggs with smoked salmon will throw in some amino acids. Of course there is nothing quite like boiled eggs and soldiers, but swap the bloomer for dark rye bread and you will be laughing.

Take care of your gut
You might not know this but many experts believe that our gut bacteria plays a role in our body weight. Think about taking a live bacteria supplement and this could not only improve your delicate gut flora but also help you to keep a handle on your weight too.

Don’t take on too much
Yes, we know that life is busy and you are pulled in every which way but stress isn’t going to do you any good. As well as making you worry, cortisol, the stress hormone, can affect energy expenditure and increase our consumption of foods that are high in fat and sugar. This can cause weight gain around the tummy and, with this, comes an increase in health risks, so we would suggest trying to reduce your stress levels for the sake of both weight management and long-term health. To ease stress, find a new hobby, say no now and again if you have too much on, and if you can, turn your phone off and step away from screens, even for just an hour and this might make a big difference to your mood.

Eat real food
Rather than being focussed on counting calories and restricting what you eat, instead eat whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods that will nourish your body and mind. Try to eat two pieces of fruit and have five servings of vegetable a day. Stop putting those white carbs in your trolley and instead, switch to fibre rich whole grain rice, bread and pasta, and you will find these not only fill you up but keep you regular too! Eggs, nuts, seeds, fish, seafood, lentils, beans, chickpeas, organic meat, quinoa and tofu are all good quality protein that are delicious and good for you, so get creative in the kitchen and see the difference these foods can make. As well as this, drink lots of water, keep caffeine and alcohol under control and get plenty of sleep.

Step away from the screens if you want to maintaining a healthy weight and good fitness levels. We aren’t talking about going to the gym everyday, but doing something you enjoy which takes you mind away from your worries, and the food cupboard, is a really good idea. Whether it is hot yoga, swimming, dancing, martial arts, a bootcamp class, cycling or running, do it three times a week and if you do it with a friend, you will have to go.

Team Pure Beauty