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It is super easy to buy new clothes all the time because the prices are so low, but throw away fashion won’t do the environment any good, even if it does increase your Facebook likes. We have been looking at how you can update and transform the contents of your wardrobe, without adding to your carbon footprint.

Find a tailor
We understand that you want to look your best, so why not get changes made to the clothes you love so they look really fantastic? Adding darts to shirts and jackets, taking up hems and swapping buttons are all small things that can have a big impact. If you are a dab hand with a needle and thread, or have a sewing machine, you can make these changes yourself and you never know, it could turn into a money-making side hustle for you too.

Fitted, not baggy
OK, we know there are some days when you want to kick back in your joggers and sweatshirts, but most of us look better when our clothes fit us well. If you love palazzo pants, then add a fitted top and heels to give you a smart look, and pair those flared jeans with a long-sleeved t-shirt, leopard print cardigan and white trainers, for a casual look, with an on-trend edge?

New polish, not new shoes
It is amazing how a tin of polish can make a massive difference to your shoes, boots and even handbags. Use a clean brush to apply the polish, then buff up the leather with a rag (cut up and an old t-shirt, if we are thinking of sustainability) and watch your beloved possessions come back to life, and sparkle in a whole new light.

Think about underwear
Maybe you don’t need a lot of new clothes, you just need some decent underwear that works with, rather than against, your body. Shape-wear will instantly make your clothes feel better and create a flattering silhouette, and with a wide range of options out there, you are bound to find something that’s right for you. In the same vein, why not have a professional bra fitting and see the difference the right bra will make to your t-shirts, dresses and jumpers.

Layer it up
Layering isn’t just a way to keep you warm, it is also a really easy way to breathe life into your existing wardrobe. Putting a thick knit over a midi dress, wearing a lace vest under a slouchy sweater, and bringing dungarees to life with a Breton t-shirt are all ways to change an outfit in an instant. Think about creating new looks with contrasting colours and clashing prints and rather than one big coat, layering a biker jacket with a hoodie is an easy look that will take you from one season to another.

Mix and match
Mixing and matching your clothes will make them work harder for you, so don’t keep anything for best. That beautiful dress you wore to a wedding, can be made casual with a fitted jacket and flat pumps, jeans can instantly be made stylish with heels and a silk shirt, and remember that jewellery can brighten up anything, so don’t leave it in the box gathering dust.

If there are items you don’t need anymore, take them to the charity shop which can also be your first port of call if you have a gap in your wardrobe, but don’t want to buy brand new.

Team Pure Beauty