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We Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!

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We all love the seaside, here at Pure Beauty – the sun, sand, deck chairs and a cheeky ice cream…what’s not to love? But there’s even more to love about the sea, namely the wonderful, skin-nourishing ingredients that we can find beneath the waves. We’ve put together a list of five of our favourite products which are derived from things found in the sea, so you can see the benefits of marine-based extracts.

Dermalogica Power Rich

Marine botanicals are particularly powerful in the fight against ageing, which is why this moisturiser for prematurely ageing skin contains red seaweed extract to help stimulate and strengthen damaged tissue while supplying vital nutrients to help reduce fine, dry lines, resurface and regenerate skin. It’s also rich in phytic acid and hyaluronic acid to aid in softening and exfoliating the skin.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

If your complexion is looking dull and lacklustre, you’ll need a potent pick-me-up to give you your zing back. This peel from Elemis contains bladderwrack, seaweed also known as fucus vesiculosus, which s rich in minerals and trace elements and has powerful moisturising properties. Papain from papaya gently lifts dead skin cells while bromelain from pineapple purifies the skin.

Jan Marini Age Intervention Eye Cream

This cream from Jan Marini is specifically designed to target the eyes and contains algae extract which helps soften, smooth, hydrate, firm and define the appearance of the eye area. It provides dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and results in smoother, more supple looking skin.

Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster

Often, ocean-derived ingredients are associated with anti-ageing, but here, Dermalogica has harnessed the soothing power of seaweed to help control acne-prone skin. The spot-busting formula also contains phytoplankton extract which will work with skin’s natural microbiome and help prevent over drying.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum

Arguably, Elemis is the home of some of the best marine-based products on the market, with its own range of Marine Creams. But this serum also contains seaweed extract and is just as deserving of a place on your shelf. It firms, smooths and lifts the skin, giving immediate tightening and firming results for a “face lifting” effect.