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We all know that a good skincare routine is important, but during the warm, sunny summer months it is even more critical.

Whatever your skin type, prickly heat, sunburn, rashes and irritation are all possible if you spend time in the heat, so it is vital to get things right so you don’t end up red and in pain.

We have some easy to put into practise tips, that will help you keep skin safe all year round.

Drink water
Yes, this again. It is really important to make sure you drink plenty of water when you are out in the sun, on the beach, by the pool or exercising outside. When the sun is out your body loses more moisture than usual and this can lead you to becoming dehydrated which will make your skin look, and feel, tired, tight and uncomfortable.

Use protection properly
So many people underestimate the power of the sun, even when it is hiding behind clouds, and this is a huge mistake. Whatever you skin tone, we suggest using a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 30 and to apply it to your face and body at least 30 minutes before going outside. If you are in the sun for more than a few hours, it’s really important to top up every couple of hours, and also apply after swimming. Some people mix tanning oil with sunscreen but we don’t suggest doing this because some key ingredients can interact and make your sunscreen less effective, putting you in danger.

Deal with the fallout
Even if you do your best to look after your skin, you may well end up suffering from prickly heat, sunburn and irritation. Don’t panic and do not rub or itch your skin as this can make it worse, instead, place natural yoghurt on the affected area for approximately 15 minutes, then pat dry with cold water and try to rest up. You can also use a good after sun product and keep out of the sun the next day to prevent further damage.

Try natural oils
Using natural essential oils on your face and body at night, can give your skin the extra conditioning it needs. Natural oils are a great way to moisture and sooth the skin, when it has been exposed to the sun and is suffering the effects of heat.

Remember to cleanse, tone and mositurise
It is really important not to forget to cleanse your skin as this will keep pores clean and complexions clear. Breakouts can be inevitable when your skin gets hot and bothered but if you stick to the rules of cleanse, tone and moisturise, you will help you and your skin stay healthy in the sun.

Try to exfoliate
It is important to remember to exfoliate your skin during the summer as this will remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation which means your skin will be glowing. If you don’t get rid of these cells, they will sit on your skin and it will look dull and grey, plus the build-up of dirt, suncream and moisturisers can cause irritation and spots, and we can all do without those.

Cover up
Sunglasses, hats and sleeves in the midday sun are all good practise when it is hot and the sun it beating down on you. While you might want a tan, looking after your skin is much better than anything else in the long run and there are some really cute trends on the high street right now, so you can be safe and look fab.

Team Pure Beauty