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Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

If you have ever suffered from acne and spots you know it can be a total pain on many levels. From the redness and throbbing, to scars and cover up, blemishes can impact not only how our skin looks, but how we feel.

While we don’t have a magic wand, we wish we did, but at Pure Beauty we sell a range of first-class products that will help to calm, nourish and soothe your skin and help you to feel happy and confident about your complexion once again.

If you love your current products but need a little extra spot blasting care, we would suggest the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash. This gentle foaming cleanser is the perfect way to take control of breakouts and excess surface oils and has been created for breakout prone skin. Antiseptic extracts of mint, eucalyptus and tea tree come together to clear away bacteria, while menthol and camphor cool the inflammation of spots. The great thing is, the skin is left clean and bright and you know you are doing the best for your skin.

Your skin repairs as you sleep, so why not boost your love for it by using the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel. This gel has been created to help clear skin congestion and help prevent future breakouts, which can only be a good thing. It is suitable for acne and breakout-prone skin and can be applied to problem areas and green tea, hyaluronic acid, rosemary, zinc, and yeast will heal your skin overnight.

All skin can benefit from using a toner and the Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner is good if you do have blemishes. This product not only tones the skin but also helps rebalance the pH levels without the use of alcohol or harsh chemicals. Extracts of sweet betty flower and saponins balance and soften the skin, while lavender helps reduce acne inflammation.

The Dermalogica Hydrating Lotion is a lightweight moisturiser that helps dehydrate, breakout-irritated skin feel better. As part of the ‘Clear Start’ range, this sheer, easy-to-apply formula helps soothe discomfort and is easier on the skin that some acne treatments. Moisturising, squalane softens and nourishes while ginger, orange, and grapefruit soothe and protect.

As the name suggests, the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque is a clay masque and one that helps clear breakouts and also helps minimise premature ageing – winner! Oil-absorbing clays help to detoxify skin while salicylic acid clears the pore congestion which can really impact complexions. This can be used up to three times a week and with oat, safflower oil and niacinamide, your skin will feel soft, smooth and free from irritation.

Acne can leave scars, but the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Bioclear Cream can help. This multi-functional resurfacing cream comes with a combination of three acids that together address the appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles. For best use, cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying, then apply a thin layer to your face. Do note that excessive drying of the skin can happen, so start with one application daily and gradually increase to two or three times daily. All skin is different, so see how it goes and do what is best for you.

One final idea we have for you is the Elemis S.O.S. Emergency Cream. This is a gorgeous, intense moisturiser created to restore hydration levels, whilst repairing and de-sensitising blemish prone, dry or sensitive skin.

If you have any questions or would like to try some samples to see if they suit your skin, get in touch, and we are here to help.

Team Pure Beauty