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www.pexels.comThe early hours might not be something you are familiar with or keen on, but they are not only the quietest time of the day but can also be the most productive.

No one yelling “mum,” no phone calls coming in and no emails landing in your inbox that need an urgent response. There’s also something really special about watching the sunrise and feeling accomplished before breakfast.

If you’re not a morning person, this might sound like hard work, but setting your alarm just a little earlier each day can be all it takes to make big shifts and we have some suggestions on how to make the switch.

Me time
We all know that time by ourselves can be hard to come by, but even a few extra minutes by yourself with your own thoughts can be huge for your peace of mind and mental health. Whether ‘me time’ to you means meditation, doing some yoga, writing a gratitude journal or listening to a podcast with no interruptions, mornings can give you the time to do this, so you feel cared for and looked after.

Do some exercise
We all have good intentions, and we all have our own body clocks, but while the rest of the house sleeps, you could fit in the exercise you keep meaning to do. It could be going for a walk as the sun comes up, running on the treadmill, doing a boxing session in the living room or lifting weights, all of these are a great way to start your day and work towards a goal. Whatever makes you feel good and gets you moving, go for it and we think you will be surprised the energy and motivation this will give you for the rest of the day.

Enjoy one hot cup of coffee
How many times do you make your first coffee of the day but never actually get to drink it while it is hot? Even getting up half an hour earlier than usual will mean you can make yourself a coffee, or tea, and sip it while it’s hot and plan your day.

Eat breakfast
Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning means you can prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast. It is so easy to grab a cereal bar or knock back a smoothie as you run out of the house, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Eggs on toast, a bagel with smoked salmon and lemon juice or smashed avocado on rye bread are all easy to prepare, quick to eat and good for you – so make that extra time in the day count.

Get to work
For some people, the stillness of the morning is the perfect time to do some work. With an increasing number of us working for ourselves, or having flexible hours, being able to get through your to-do list can be done on your terms. Maybe you are most productive at admin at 6am, or you like to write blog posts when the office is silent, or it could be that getting your accounts done before 7am makes you feel organised and efficient.

Find what works for you and you’ll be amazed at how those extra hours can change the way you live and feel.

Team Pure Beauty