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www.pexels.comWhether it’s a pile of clothes on your bedroom floor, or a stack of dirty dishes in your sink, keeping top of cleaning at home can be hard and clutter can soon take over.

If you feel you’re living in a state of constant mess, we have some ideas to help you take back control and get a home that is clean, clear and clutter-free which means you can sit back and relax.

A place for everything
If you get home and put your phone, keys and purse straight on the kitchen table, this needs to stop. Have a designated space or bowl for essential items and this clutter free game-changer will keep things tidy and save you constantly looking for lost belongings.

Have hooks by the front door
Having a simple set of hooks by the front door means you’ll always know where they are – simple but true. Get in the door, shut the door, put the keys on a hook and you’ll never look back.

Keep shoes out of the house
Leaving dirty shoes at the front door won’t only keep dirt out but it will save them being left all over the house, making a mess, tripping you over and generally cluttering things up.

Have a clear out
We aren’t saying you need to declutter your house in a day because you’ll be exhausted, instead clear the clutter in bite-size chunks of time – think 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Go room by room, drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard or shelf by shelf – whatever works for you. Ensure you have rubbish, recycling and donation bags as well as a duster and cloths so you can clean as you go.

Buy less
We know that those BOGOF offers are tempting, but if you bulk buy toilet rolls, washing powder and dishwasher tablets or having too many pairs of jeans, where are you going to put them? Each time you are about to buy something, ask yourself, do I really need it, is there somewhere for it to go in my home and am I buying it for the right reason? If you answer no to even one of these, put your card away and keep clutter at bay.

Check out the garden
It’s not just our houses that can get full of clutter, but outside spaces too. From lawn mowers and plastic slides, to old wooden benches and hoses, it is amazing how much ‘stuff’ gets slung in the garden which leaves it looking cluttered and messy. Set aside an afternoon and get to work clearing out, tidying up and straightening out your outside spaces so they are places you want to spend time, rather than somewhere all the junk is stored.

Not only does recycling help keep the environment safe, it keeps clutter out of your house too. Cardboard boxes, cans, old clothes, broken toys, unused phones, comics and books are often found in corners, cupboards and under tables where they gather dust and clutter things up, so sort them out, recycle them and free up your space.

Keep it up
Once you have made steps to sort out the clutter, do your best to keep it that way. Not only will having less clutter mean you won’t have to tidy up as much, but you’ll also be able to find things because they won’t be under a pile of dusty papers, they’ll be where you left them.

Team Pure Beauty