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With Greta Thunberg making waves around the world, the environment is more of a hot topic than ever. While some people might think they can’t do anything to make a significant impact, if we all make small changes, it could lead to something special and significant.

We have some suggestions of really simple things you can do today that could help make for a better future for the planet.

Turn off your computer at night
It’s easy to leave your computer on as you sleep, but if you turn it off you will not only save power but also money.

Don’t run the water when you brush
They say to brush your teeth for at least two minutes morning and night – if you leave the water running at the same time that is a massive waste. Turning the tap off while brushing can save masses of water and your teeth will still be clean and healthy. Oh, and why not try using bamboo brushes rather than plastic ones???

Snap up second hand
Yes, you can stop shopping altogether, or you could start sourcing the things you really need second hand. Kids bikes, desks, chairs, flowerpots, school uniform and wellies are often for sale in good, used condition and doing this saves you money and helps reduce packaging materials and eases landfill sites.

Plant a tree, or two plant
Planting trees in your garden is great for the land and the air, it can shade your home, and can even increase the value of your property. If you plant a fruit tree, you are being even kinder to the environment as you won’t need to get your apples from the shops, which means not having to drive your car, and when you pick them fresh, no plastic bags are needed. Now, when those trees, or any other plants need watering, don’t use a hose pipe, instead go for a watering can and getting a rainwater butt is another great green idea.

Work from home
This isn’t an excuse to sit in your PJs and watch TV all day, but working at home will save you time, money and ease up on the use of your car or public transport. If your boss won’t agree, how about cycling to work or looking at a car share with colleagues – it all helps!

Get a bag for life
We know you know, but plastic carrier bags are not biodegradable or recyclable so they are no good to anyone or anything. Stop buying bags each time you shop and instead take stronger, reusables bags to the supermarket and if you can ditch them altogether, good for you!

Step away from straws
Millions of straws and stirrers are thrown away every year, so use a spoon to stir your coffee and drink from a glass – simple.

Cancel paper statements
With email, there is no need to have paper bills and statements – NO REASON AT ALL. Asking to receive online statements and bills will save trees and with the postman not delivering them to your home, it saves on petrol and diesel fumes too.

Recycle, recycle, recycle
Did you know that if you don’t recycle glass it can take years and years for it to decompose? Always recycle your glass and the same goes for plastics, newspapers and magazines, clothes, garden waste and food – you have recycling bins, use them and save the planet.

Got an idea that helps make you greener, let us know, we are all ears.

Team Pure Beauty