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As pumpkins are carved and scary costumes are being taken out of cupboards, Halloween is very much on the way. While the sweets handed out for kids who trick or treat won’t do much for your skin, or waistline, this is a timely reminder that adding a mask to your beauty routine could be a good move.

If you would like your skin to look plumper and firmer when you wake up in the morning, look no further than the Decleor Energy Concentrate Youth Mask. Part of the Orexcellence range, this textured mask is made from a rich blend of peony, lychee and Rhodiola that together re-energise the skin and leave you with a fresh, luminous glow.

The Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque comes topped up with super-concentrated, antioxidant vitamins that are perfect for calming stressed, prematurely-ageing skin. Things don’t stop there because as the ingredients get to work adding deep hydration, botanical extracts of comfrey and burdock soothe skin so it is left happy and youthful again.

If you want a mask that packs a punch, you need the Jan Marini Luminate Face Mask in your beauty bag. While this brightens skin from the very first use, this mask comes with lightening agents that progressively reduce the appearance of the dark spots and discolouration that can get you down. Gentle exfoliators remove the dull, dry skin that can make complexions look grey and thanks to added calming ingredients, irritation and redness are reduced.

You might think that acne-prone skin doesn’t need a mask, but this isn’t the case. If you to ease blackheads, then the Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask is for you. This unique mask comes with an active fizzing formula that cleans pores and target blackheads. Kaolin clay has been added into the mix and this works to absorb problematic excess oil and purifies the skin, while the magic of apples help to hydrate the skin so it feels lovely and fresh again.

If you want something your partner can use too, the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask has been created for unisex use and will please all skin types. Regular 10-minute sessions will banish dull, dry skin leaving you will a more radiant glow than ever. Aloe Vera helps to soothe, moisturise and soften skin while avocado adds a boost of lush, natural omega-9 and oleic acid. Bringing up the rear is chia seed oil that nourishes and means you are left with incredibly soft, smooth skin and smile!

If you only want to work on your eyes, fear not, we sell the Elemis Absolute Eye Mask at Pure Beauty and it’s a winner. Perfect for tired eyes that have lost their sparkle, this light mask kicks dullness into touch and as it rehydrates the delicate eye area, it decongests, firms and tones too. This mask also deals with pesky dark circles whilst nourishing and smoothing at the same time. We said it was a winner!

If you would like help finding a mask for you, get in touch and we would love to help.

Team Beauty