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www.pexels.comLet’s face it, by this time of the year, many of us are often feeling exhausted and in need of a recharge. Long hours, tight deadlines and Christmas parties mean we are running on empty and finding ‘me time’ needed to get to the end of the week can feel impossible.

We are big believers that small things can lift your mood and increase your energy levels, so in the run up to the big day, let the card writing and present shopping wait, and do something for you at lunchtime instead.

Try Eyebrow Threading
Having your eyebrows shaped can change the way your face looks and the process means you sit down for just a while, not even able to look at your phone. Threading is an ancient Indian hair removal technique that is fast and convenient, it leaves no marks, isn’t messy and is like having a mini facelift. We admit that twisting cotton through the eyebrows can be eye-watering, but because it’s only ten minutes which will give you time to stop for sushi on the way back to work.

Have a Neck and Shoulder Massage
A half hour neck and shoulder massage can relieve stress, untie knots and leave you so much more relaxed. It’s fast and convenient and the delicate oils used will leave you feeling invigorated and able to make it to the end of the day. Walk to the salon and back and you’ll get an energy boost too.

Go for a Run
A run will get your heart rate up, more oxygen and blood will flow around your body and the resulting endorphins will lift your mood which means Dave in HR will seem like less of a pain. This is the ideal way to get outside and leave the stress of the office or shop floor behind you, so get your trainers on and start running.

Do a Little Yoga
Yoga is all about stretching, breathing, increasing muscle activation and a session in the middle of the day, will leave you feeling zen fresh for the afternoon.

Shake it Out
Dancing is a great way to shake away the stresses of the day, be that a bad boss, annoying colleague or difficult client. See if there is a class near your workplace and you will find that dancing away your lunch break will make you feel fab, and the afternoon will pass by in a flash as those feel good chemicals pump through your body.

Read a Book
OK, let’s take things down a little and go for a calmer option. Taking a book to a coffee shop and letting your mind escape to somewhere quieter is a real treat. Go alone, order something nice to eat and drink and just read a few chapters and you’ll feel those orders and accounts drop away.

Enjoy a Manicure
Want a quick make over for the office party? Why not head to a nearby nail salon for a manicure. Not only will you return to your desk refreshed, but your freshly polished nails will set off your outfit a treat but won’t break the bank! And if you feel like splashing out, have a pedicure done at the same time.

Have a Catch Up
It is the season to be jolly, so why not book in a few lunches before the office closes? Your midday break is a good opportunity to catch up and socialise, in person, with people you might not see that often and if you throw in the idea of Secret Santa then it’s a win, win!!!

Have fun!

Team Pure Beauty