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www.pexels.comAll these New Year’s Resolutions are great, and while giving up booze, changing your diet and taking more exercise are a positive step, they can all have an impact on your
sleep habits.

As we change the various elements of our lives, our sleep can improve in the long run, but adapting to a new way of doing things takes time. We have had a look at how you can get a good night’s sleep and bring a holistic change to your life in 2020.

Watch what you eat
You might be trying out a new diet or trying out veganism, but if you don’t eat enough during the day, or are fuelling up on the wrong things late in the evening, this could impact how you sleep. Don’t have caffeinated drinks before bed (remember hot chocolate might not be a sleep choice after all), steer clear of big meals later in the day and try not to have sugary snacks before bed as this can play havoc with your body, and teeth. If you are hungry, a banana or handful of nuts with a mug of warm water and lemon can help give you the balance you need.

Get into a routine
It is really important for you to stick to a bedtime routine, not because you are a child but because this will help both your brain and internal body clock find a new schedule every night. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and while a lie-in at the weekend is nice, just don’t over do it as that evening could spell sleeping troubles.

Relax before bed
While you might want to fit in a run at 9pm, it’s relaxing in the evening that will prepare you for bed and sleep. Taking a warm bath, learning simple relaxation techniques, doing some gentle yoga stretches and meditating are all calm, easy ways to help you unwind and get ready to rest.

Detox your bedroom
If you want to get to sleep, and stay asleep, your bedroom needs to be a quiet, clean, clear space that you want to spend time in. Chairs laden with clothes, shoes on the floor, dirty cups and glasses on the bedside table and endless open beauty products are not conducive to rest. This weekend, why not have a really good clear out, hoover and dust, set the radiator to the right heat, ensure the curtains are dark enough and see if this makes a difference for you. This is also the time to check out your mattress and make sure it is working, because if it is old and lumpy that is how you will feel when you wake.

Go screen free
Whether it’s a TV, laptop, tablet or e-reader, the glare of a screen in the bedroom isn’t going to do you any sleep favours. Keep screens out of the bedroom, get an alarm clock, read real books and you might be surprised how going screen free can help you sleep better.

Keep a sleep diary
If you find that you are doing everything right, but still can’t sleep, try keeping a diary so you can see what is happening. Note down what times you go to bed, what you did before you jumped under the covers, what you ate that day, when you dozed off (if you can remember) and what time you woke up in the morning. This might help you discover what is keeping you awake.

If you’re really struggling, maybe speak to your GP and see if there is an underlying issue they can help you with.

Team Pure Beauty