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www.pexels.comEssential oils not only smell amazing, but they are totally natural and can be used on your skin, for your health and in your home.

You can create massage blends, inhalants, rubs, compresses, diffuser blends and cleaning products that won’t harm you, or the environment but could lift your mood and boost your senses.

We have looked at some of the most accessible oils out there and hope you’ll find one that suits you and fits into your lifestyle.

This is one of the most universally loved essential oils and for good reason. This immune boosting powerhouse oil can be used as an antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic and antispasmodic. It helps with sleep or anxiety issues due to its sedative properties. It can be used for treating burns and blisters, insect bites and stings. You can find it in most chemists and supermarkets, and a little goes a long way. You can help the whole family relax by adding a couple of drops to the bath, and if you dab on pillowcases, the heady scent could help ease you into slumber the natural way.

This is a super popular ingredient in chest balms and muscle massage oils because the natural menthol helps you to breathe easily and relax again. To make your own steam inhalation remedy, add one or two drops of oil to a bowl of hot water. Close your eyes, inhale deeply – draping a towel over your head to trap the steam – and say goodbye to your stuffy nose and painful sinuses. You can also add several drops to a humidifier to clear the air at home or work, but we would suggest you avoid direct use with babies and young children. You can add to a tissue or item of clothing to help keep your head clear and focus straight.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, it can be used to deal with gingivitis and helps shake off dandruff. It is also a gentle way to treat acne and is less drying than more common chemical ingredients. Simply add a couple of drops of oil to half a cup of warm water, shake well and apply to your skin with a clean cloth and let the natural goodness soak in. Not only is it effective on your skin, but tea tree oil can also be used to purify your home and can be added to soap, shower gels and even your surface cleaners to give them a boost.

It might be the middle of winter, but lemon essential oil can bring a little sunshine to your life whatever the time of year. Adored for its light clean scent, this essential oil is perfect for homemade cleaning products as it is naturally purifying and can clear away stubborn stains and freshen the air. You can use lemon essential oil to freshen up your fridge, clean your floors, put a little on the carpets in your car and it will make your bathroom smell so much better than ever before.

What’s your favourite essential oil and how do you use it everyday? Let us know, we are all ears and open to new ideas.

Team Pure Beauty