Winter to Spring - How to Transition Your Skincare

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to your home, it can also apply to your skin care routine. Winter skincare is very different to springtime skin care and often focuses on hydration and nourishment, as the icy weather can be harsh on your complexion. However, once Spring comes around you can ease up a little on the intense moisturisers and move towards a lighter skin care routine which suits the slightly warmer months. Springtime usually means that dryness gets better as humidity levels even out and don’t cause your skin to dry so much. With this in mind we thought we’d look at some springtime swaps that you should be doing to bring your skincare routine out of winter hibernation.

Grab a Clay Cleanser

Clay cleansers, such as Decleor Clay Powder Cleanser, are ideal for drawing impurities out of your skin. This is essential after a long, hard winter as often dead skin cells will be clogging your pores, as well as traces of dirt or oil and pollution. Clay cleansers will help to rid your complexion of all of these nasties, giving you a clearer base, moving into spring.

Start Exfoliating

Now is the time when you should think about adding an exfoliator into your weekly beauty routine. Skin often looks rather doll after months in freezing temperatures so sloughing away dead skin cells and revealing the new fresh complexion beneath is one of the quickest ways to revive a brighter, clearer complexion. We recommend Decleor Green Mandarin Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub Mask.

Opt for a Lightweight Moisturiser

During the winter, we tend to opt for ultra rich oil-based moisturisers just to give our skin an adequate amount of hydration. However, once spring has sprung opting for a water-based lightweight moisturiser will be more than adequate and won’t leave you with an excess of oil. Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water-Gel is a weightless water gel moisturiser which is perfect for your transition to Spring skin care.

Add an SPF

We try to drum it into our customers that they should be wearing some form of sun protection all year round, even in winter and even in our seemingly weak UK sun. However, we know that a lot of people still don’t do this and if you’re stubbornly going to refuse to wear an SPF in the winter the least you can do is add it to your spring routine. Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF 30 is the perfect base under makeup and offers broad protection against environmental factors such as UV rays, high-energy visible light and pollution.

Get Masking

Adding a mask to your weekly routine is a great way to re-energize your skin and re texturise your complexion. Decleor White Magnolia Mask Absolute is a fresh textured mask blended with highly concentrated extract of peony lychee and rhodiola to re-energize the skin.