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Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels

If you have so much as looked at a newspaper, social media, or watch any television, you will probably be aware that today is referred to as ’Blue Monday’ Back in 2005, a holiday company decided that the third Monday in January was officially the most depressing day of the year and although this has since been dismissed as pseudoscience by psychologists, lots of people are still feeling the pinch.

Most of us still haven’t had a payday since Christmas, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and the weather hasn’t exactly been fantastic, so we wouldn’t be surprised if many people were feeling rather blue at the moment. With this in mind we curated a list of products that we stock here are pure beauty, which are all designed to have a mood boosting effect.

Evolve Organic Beauty Keep Calm and Spray On

Essential oils and aromatherapy can be a powerful ally against low moods, especially if you choose the right combination of fragrances. This hand cleanser from Evolve Organic contains bergamot for its anti-viral properties as well as its uplifting scent, which means that even though you’re still having to sanitise your hands 100 times a day, you’ll get a little lift each time you use this product. It also contains glycerin to keep your hands hydrated and can even be used with a reusable cotton pad to clean any surfaces as well as your hands.

This Works Stress Check Mood Manager 

Although the ingredients in this product are 99% natural, the blend was created using highly scientific methods to prove its efficacy. The blend has been proven in fMRI and user studies and helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. The mist can be used on your skin, clothes, furnishings and even your bed linens to clear your mind and give you a positive lift and is even recommended for calming your nerves before using public transport.

Elemis Revitalise-Me Shower Gel

If you know you’re going to have a potentially stressful or busy day ahead then starting the day with an uplifting shower gel such as Revitalise Me from Elemis is a good way to bolster yourself. It contains thyme, basil and neroli essential oils, as well as orange and lime which awaken the senses and invigorate your skin. Finally, a mango derived cleansing agent cleans your skin deeply, to ensure that you are as clean as you are uplifted.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Roller Ball

Roller balls are a fantastic delivery method for essential oils as they allow you to target the pulse point on your body to get the maximum effect. This Revive Morning Rollerball from Aromatherapy Associates is 100% natural and contains neroli and grapefruit essential oils. It’s totally portable which means that you can reapply it throughout the day and the combination of fragrances is reviving and reinvigorating to the mind.

This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel

This shower gel from This Works is called ‘Energy Bank’ as it promises to supercharge your senses. It helps you to wake up and banishes morning listlessness, leaving your mind and body charged and ready to face the day. It’s 99% natural and cruelty free and boasts geranium, ylang ylang and rosemary, which combine to restore vitality and stimulate the body and mind.