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Images from Pexels 

Spring is just around the corner and with it will (hopefullly!) come a change of weather and trends. This time of year gives us all sorts of inspiration when it comes to colours and our clothes, as well as the colours that we wear on our nails. With this in mind, we’re sharing with you some classic nail looks for Spring and the Orly polishes you can use to achieve them:

Lovely Lavender

This pastel purple shade is perfect for the Spring and Easter season and makes us think of painted easter eggs! It’s a great shade which will go with a number of different looks and it’s neutral enough to still look professional if you work in an industry where that matters. We recommend using the Orly shade Just Breathe to achieve this adorable look. 

Gorgeous Green

While some people associate green with Christmas vibes, green is also the perfect colour for Spring as it reflects the new growth around us. The Orly shade Detox My Socks Off has a slightly turquoise tint to it, for a slight variation on this look, and bold, darker colours look great on short, neat nails, as well as longer talons if that’s your style. 

Ravishing Red

Let’s be honest; has there ever been a time when red nails haven’t been fashionable?! Red is the ultimate in sophistication and makes a bold statement. Red nails can be worn to compliment a red outfit or to add a subtle splash of colour to monochromes. It’s a grown up look which works in Spring, and all year round, and can be recreated using Love My Nails

Wonderful White

White nail polish is adorable, if it’s done right, and Spring is the perfect time for white nails. They’re the quintessential neutral with a bold twist and they are another shade which perfectly complement shorter nails. In fact, white nails are super flattering and wearable by just about everyone! Orly’s White Tips is the ideal shade if you want to attempt this look at home. 

Marvellous Multicolour

If you’re feeling really adventurous, this multicolour look is perfect for Spring and is surprisingly easy to achieve! Using a combination of Destressed Denim, Morning Mantra and Beauty Essential, or any other colours you choose, this really is a freestyle look! Simply place neat blobs on the nail using the tip of the brush and allow each one to dry before applying overlapping blobs of contrasting colours.