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Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

Although keeping your skin clean and hydrated is always going to be important, most experts agree that the easiest way to care for your skin is by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. Wearing sunscreen can prevent skin damage, including wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, skin thinning and cancer. It’s also a common misconception that you only need to wear sunscreen on warmer days; you can still get burned when it’s cloudy, so wear sunscreen daily.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of our best sunscreens for every different skin type:


When you have normal skin, you often have the pick of many different products, but finding a daily SPF which works well with make-up can still be a challenge. Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF30 is a perfect base for make-up and offers broad protection against environmental factors including UV rays, high energy visible light and pollution. It has a super light texture and contains both coconut and jojoba oils to nourish the skin.


When people with dry skin use sunscreens which aren’t formulated for dryness, they often find that the product can look chalky or exacerbate flakiness. Decleor Aloe Vera Sun Gel Cream SPF50 is a gel-based sunscreen offering broad spectrum SPF50 protection which also deeply hydrates dry and ageing skin. Aloe vera soothes and prevents inflammation and botanical sesame oils leave the skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Oily/Spot Prone

Many sunscreens are oil-based to prevent them from being washed away too easily, but this can play havoc with oily and spot prone skin. Dermalogica Clearing Defence SPF30 is a shine-reducing SPF moisturiser that protects breakout-prone skin from environmental stress. It offers a matte finish which doesn’t clog the pores while protecting the skin from the suns harmful rays. 


If your skin is ageing, either prematurely or when it should, you’ll find that you need added protection from the sun. This is because, as we age, our skin loses the ability to make certain key elements, leaving our skin thinner and more delicate. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 will help achieve absolute hydration and defend against the internal and external causes of skin ageing.


If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, you’re probably all too aware that sun exposure can exacerbate the condition more than almost anything else, so having a good SPF is essential. SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defence SPF 50 is a dual-action, lightweight sunscreen with SPF50 that helps protect the skin from UV-induced discolouration and helps evens skin tone.