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Our Top Five Non-Greasy Skin and Haircare Formulas

Photo by cottonbro

There are many reasons for opting for skincare formulas which are non-greasy. For some people, it’s the simple fact that their skin already produces too much oil and greasy formulas are simply not compatible with their skin type. For others, it may be an issue of sensitivity to certain ingredients such as certain oils which may exacerbate breakouts of spots or acne. And for some people, it is simply a sensory issue which means that formulas which are too heavy and greasy feel highly uncomfortable on your skin. 

All of these issues can also be worse depending on the season; wearing thicker formulas in spring and summer when it is hot can feel unpleasant at times. With this in mind, we’ve searched our stock to put together a list of five non-greasy products which are perfect for anyone who prefers lighter skin care:

Decleor Aloe Vera Sun Gel Cream SPF50

When it comes to skincare that feels heavy or greasy on the skin, suncreams are often one of the worst offenders. This Aloe Vera Sun Gel Cream from Decleor is a non-greasy gel which is enriched with aloe vera and sesame oils, to leave the skin feeling nourished and hydrated but fresh and light at the same time. The broad-spectrum SPF50 protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and it can be used on all skin types on a daily basis.

Medik8 Daily Radiance Vitamin C

If your skin is dry and lacking radiance you may find that many of the formulas designed to relieve this are thick and heavy. This Daily Radiance Vitamin C from Medik8 has a light, cashmere texture to deliver powerful antioxidant protection as well as broad-spectrum SPF 30 without any of the greasiness of other products. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which draws moisture into the skin leaving you with a brighter, more even complexion and skin which is protected from the future signs of ageing.

South Seas – Moorea Moisturiser

Dry skin doesn’t just affect your face; it can happen anywhere on your body and can be difficult to tackle. This moisturiser from South Seas is a non-greasy, lightweight formula to leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth. It is designed specifically to be used alongside a spray tan and for people who have very dry skin, and contains shea butter to deeply nourish, along with tiare flower and coconut to give you a fragrance which makes you feel like you’re always on holiday!

This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil

Finding a product which describes itself as a non-greasy oil may sound like something of an oxymoron, however this Deep Sleep Night Oil from This Works is a dry oil which is easily absorbed. It is formulated using oils of lavender, chamomile, vetiver, patchouly, and ho wood, which combine to create a delicately scented and relaxing oil which will lock moisture into your skin, soothe your muscles and calm your mind before bedtime. It’s perfect for use after a bath or shower and can be used daily to help relieve tension and stress.

Color Wow One Minute Transformation Styling Cream

Unless you have a hair type which is extremely dry or porous, some styling creams can feel slightly greasy and leave your hair looking slick and weighed down, rather than natural and weightless. This One Minute Transformation Styling Cream from Colour Wow is designed to banish frizz and refine texture without any greasiness. The formula revives shine and enhances the hair’s moisturisation, leaving dry, damaged hair smoother, more polished and looking healthier than ever.