Five Products to Help You to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Photo by Styves Exantus

Stretch marks are caused when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up with, literally stretching the skin. They are most commonly associated with pregnancy but can also be caused by weight or muscle gain. On women, they are most common around the breasts, thighs and hips but it’s a common misconception that they don’t affect men – if you have skin, you can have stretch marks, regardless of gender! With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best products for helping you to fade your stretch marks so that they’re barely-there.

Decleor Cica Botanic Oil

Decleor Cica Botanic Oil is a unique blend of botanical oils – bourrache botanical oil, musked rose botanical oil, blackcurrant botanical oil, soy botanical oil, sweet almond botanical oil, camellia botanical oil, jojoba botanical oil, plum botanical oil and avocado botanical oil – to reduce existing stretch marks and help prevent new ones. The most potent ingredient in the formula is bourrache botanical oil, which has one of the highest amounts of GLA; a fatty acid which has been shown to correct deficiencies in skin lipids and increase skin’s elasticity.

Evolve Organic Beauty Super Berry Body Oil

This Super Berry Body Oil contains Chilean rosehip oil, upcycled raspberry oil and pomegranate seed oil, which combine to create a formulation which will revive dry and mature skin and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. This organic and 100% natural body oil uses a subtle, allergen free natural red berry fragrance to make every use an experience for all the senses, and with a vegan formulation blending beautifully with the skin, it leaves no oily residue which means you can go from skin unrest to dressed in 5 minutes.

Bloom and Blossom You Glow Girl Performance Body Oil

While most oils will provide the skin with some element of moisturisation, there are some oils which have a natural synergy with the skin and will provide superior toning, hydrating, firming and brightening of the skin. This high performance body oil from Bloom and Blossom is crafted using sweet almond, jojoba and argan oils, which are all known for their skin-boosting properties and are packed with antioxidants to fight stretch marks and boost skin’s elasticity for a radiant glow.

Decleor Prolagene Gel

Decleor’s Prolagène Gel is a highly-scientific formula which supplies the deep tissue with the active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of its natural collagen. Prolagène Gel has a visibly firming effect that builds up with regular use to smooth skin imperfections. Acting on the whole of the skin’s structure it helps speed up cell renewal to improve the look of stretch marks and scarring, in addition to loose skin. 

Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend

When Elemis called this their ‘body oil blend’ they weren’t kidding – it can be used on everything from stretch marks to your hair and nails, making it a fantastically multi-functional product. It contains Japanese camellia flower oil blended with sweet almond oil, which improves elasticity, and supports and nourishes all skin conditions. Provides high levels of hydration to dry skin and also helps prevent stretch marks and reduce the formation of scar tissue