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Five Autumn Changes to Your Skincare Routine
Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash

While most of us are still enjoying the late summer weather, here in the UK, autumn is just around the corner and it won’t be long before we’re swapping shorts and sandals for scarves and gloves. While the change in clothes is inevitable, changing your skincare routine could also offer numerous benefits, so we’ve put together five key tips for making your daily skincare routine more autumn-friendly:

Exfoliate Regularly In Autumn

To save your skin from becoming dull, lackluster and dehydrated during the autumn months, up your exfoliation to twice a week. Exfoliating regularly, helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells that can hinder the absorption of any moisturisers or serums. For your face, we recommend Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial while your body would benefit hugely from investing in Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit

Inject More Moisture

You’ve probably been using a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser during the summer months, but the autumn usually requires something a little thicker. It’s time to bulk up with a heftier hydrator, preferably containing essential fatty acids, which are needed more when the weather gets colder. Dermalogica PowerBright Overnight Cream is an nourishing nighttime cream that optimises skin moisture recovery and helps restore luminosity. Niacinamide and hexylresorcinol help fade the appearance of dark spots, and it even contains the ultimate autumnal ingredient – pumpkin enzyme, which smoothes and evens skin texture!

Don’t Forget Lip Care

One of the first things that we usually notice when summer becomes autumn is that our lips start to dry out, thanks to the combination of the colder weather and putting the heating on indoors. Bloom and Blossom Lip Service Nourishing Lip Balm contains four powerful ingredients that together heal, hydrate and soften lips, giving them a deep boost of moisture and helping to protect them against the elements. It contains lanolin, which easily absorbs deeply into your skin, as well as coconut oil, passionflower oil and glycerin. 

Help Out Your Hands

Another body part which is often problematic as the temperature plummets is the hands, which suffer from a lack of moisture thanks to the dry, cool air. This Works Perfect Hands Intense Moisture is a powerfully hydrating, non-greasy cream that helps keep hands looking their finest. Daily use will help to maintain supple, youthful, hydrated and beautifully fragranced hands and allow you to emerge in the springtime with healthy hands. 

Calm Away Redness

It’s not uncommon for people with sensitive skin to experience flare ups once autumn comes around. In the colder part of autumn, when we move from the chillier outdoors to the warm indoors, it’s not uncommon to notice the tell-tale redness occurring more frequently, which is why it’s important to add something like SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer into your routine, to help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and soothe the feeling of irritation.