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More Ways To Tan With Crazy Angel

Photo by Jamie Saw

This time of year is one of the prime times for tanning at home – most of us have long said goodbye to any lingering glow from our summer holidays and are starting to feel a little dull in the autumnal drizzle. One of the brands that we stock, here at Pure Beauty, is Crazy Angel. They create tanning products which are formulated using naturally derived DHA, as well as being  free from parabens, alcohol and mineral oil and packed full of skin-loving ingredients. They offer an impressive range of tanning options, as well as being inclusive of all skin tones, so we thought we’d show you some of their wonderful tanning solutions:

Crazy Angel Clear Self-Tan Mousse

This clear self-tan mousse combines tanning with skin care to offer next-level hydration with a golden glow. The clear, water-to-foam formula absorbs quickly into skin leaving you with a streak-free, natural finish. With zero colour transfer, this hydrating water based tan is enriched with shea butter to smooth and nourish skin, meaning no clogging or blocked pores!

Crazy Angel Express Liquid Tan

This liquid tan from Crazy Angel is perfect for giving you a last-minute golden glow. It glides easily onto the skin and provides a flawless finish in as little as 2 hours. A simple spray formula infused with a “Prolong and Protect Tanning Agent” to hydrate and enhance the skin’s radiance for a flawless finish, you’ll have an instant bronzed glow that will continue to develop in just 4 hours. 

Crazy Angel Gradual Tan

Using self tan for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve heard horror stories about orange knees or streaky tan! Crazy Angel Gradual Tan is applied like your normal moisturiser and is perfect for self-tan beginners or those looking to top up an existing glow. Enriched with shea butter to smooth and hydrate your skin, this lightweight lotion is completely buildable to achieve your desired colour. 

Crazy Angel Self-Tan Lotion-Medium/Dark

If you’re a self-tan pro or simply want a much deeper golden hue then this medium/dark lotion is for you. It’s packed with ingredients which will deeply hydrate your skin, while the “Prolong and Protect Tanning Agent” will help maintain your glow. The lotion develops in 6-8 hours and will leave you with a perfectly bronzed, flawless finish.

Crazy Angel Tanning Drops

Crazy Angel Tanning Drops are designed to mix with your everyday moisturiser or skincare, allowing you to customise your own glow. They’re a stress-free alternative to traditional self-tan methods and give you added control over the level of tan you wish to achieve. The antioxidant properties hydrate the skin, fighting free radicals and damage caused by UV rays and using it on a daily basis will help to give you a continuous glow.