Are You in the Know About ‘Blue Beauty’?
Photo by Luke Dahlgren on Unsplash

We know it often seems like there’s a new “must try!” trend that comes along on an almost weekly basis, but “blue beauty” is much more than a trend. It’s a movement which focuses on the ocean when thinking about our beauty routines. But rather than being about the ingredients coming from the sea, it’s about ensuring we don’t add to the already gargantuan amounts of plastics, both micro and macro, which already pollute our oceans. That’s why we’re sharing with you today a list of five of our products which focus on plastic reduction and sustainability:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Refill

Daily Microfoliant is a hugely popular product from Dermalogica, helping users to achieve smoother, brighter-looking skin through daily use. However, when you use daily-use products, you often finish them quite quickly and need to replace them with another. That’s why Dermalogica has created the iconic brightening powder exfoliant in a handy refill packet with a 92% reduction in plastic. You can continue to use your favourite exfoliator every single day, safe in the knowledge that you’re also cutting down your plastic waste by a massive amount. 

Purdy and Figg Wild Woody Hand Sanitiser Spray

We dread to think just how many plastic hand sanitiser bottles have ended up in our oceans in the last couple of years, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we bet it’s a LOT. This hand sanitiser from Purdy and Figg delivers over 300 uses and comes in an eco-friendly glass bottle to reduce single use plastic. It’s clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and keeps your hands soft as well as clean. 

Hayo’u Scented Candle

You might be surprised to learn that many scented candles are bad for the environment as they’re made from waxes which are originally derived from petroleum. This one from Hayo’u, however, contains no petroleum or mineral oils and the product packaging is made from doubled walled cardboard. The company also states that, where possible, for environmental reasons, they do not use single wrap plastics or cellophane to wrap their products, giving you even greater peace of mind that your home can smell amazing without damaging the environment. 

REN Clean Skincare Bio Retinoid Youth Serum

Packaged in a recyclable glass bottle with a twist-lock pump made from 50% recycled plastic and without an outer cap, this youth serum from REN Clean Skincare is aiming to keep you looking young AND reduce your worries about the planet! The formula is also vegan and cruelty free, so you know that as well as protecting the oceans, you’re not contributing to the suffering of animals. Oh, and the serum itself is a winner, too! 

UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are one of the largest contributors to plastics in the ocean, often ranking in the top 5 of marine debris, and in 2018, 22 cotton buds were found for every 100 metres of UK beach surveyed. Making the switch to these bamboo cotton buds will help you to make a huge impact on the amount of them that end up polluting our waters each year as the sticks are made from a sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made with organic cotton, right here in the UK, which also reduces the carbon footprint of how far they have to travel to reach you.