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Looking for a New Job? These Products Will Help You to Look Groomed At Your Interview!

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Now that the horror that was the pandemic is resigned to the back of our memory banks, many people are starting to look for new careers, and that means getting out and interviewing. Some companies are still conducting things online, but face-to-face interviews are slowly becoming the norm again, and this means we want to look our best, so that we can impress the hiring manager and secure the job. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of five key products that you can use, pre-interview, to help you to look groomed and professional.

This Works Stress Check Hair Elixir

This leave-in conditioner from This Works seems almost like it was MADE for people having interviews, as not only will it condition and protect your hair, keeping it looking sleek and neat throughout the day, but it also contains a blend of neroli, patchouli and camomile which seek to eliminate feelings of stress or anxiety. The olfactory sense can be powerful, and giving yourself something which will help to ease your nerves is a huge bonus. 

HD Brows Brow Colourfix 

It’s 2023 and it seems like the trend for hyper-groomed brows is well and truly here to stay. That’s why we recommend HD Brows Brow Colourfix as the next product on our list if you want to look put-together and professional. Available in six shades, this brush-on tinted brow gel grooms and slicks brows into shape with a hint of colour without flaking or stiffening the hair. The formula is enriched with vitamin E to provide antioxidant properties and is the perfect product for adding volume and colour to brow hairs, without looking too blocky or over-the-top.

Medik8 Illuminating Eye Balm 

The last thing you want is to look tired or run-down in your interview, especially if you’ve had a sleepless night, due to nerves. Medik8 Illuminating Eye Balm is an instantly illuminating and hydrating eye balm which helps to visibly brighten and refresh tired eyes. It minimises the appearance of puffiness and dark circles by combining soothing natural extracts with sheer, light-reflecting mineral pigments in a subtle colour match tint, helping you to look wide awake and raring to go. 

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

HR execs and hiring managers will tell you that wearing strong perfume to an interview is a huge no-no. Aside from being overwhelming (and potentially migraine-inducing!) if you’re in a small office, many workplaces actually ban perfumes and aftershaves now because of allergies and sensitivities. However, you want to go to your interview knowing that you smell fresh and clean, which is where this body wash from Dermalogica comes in. The silky, gently cleansing formula features aromatic oils of French rosemary and Chinese eucalyptus alongside fresh tea tree and lemon oils to awaken the senses and give you the confidence of knowing you still smell good, even without the eau de toilette.

Orly Breathable Nourishing Nude

Imagine the scene – you reach out to shake your prospective new employer’s hand, and your nails look ragged and tatty with peeled-off polish. What a nightmare! Having neat, manicured nails which are painted in a neutral or nude shade, such as this one from Orly, is the best way to make sure your hands look tidy and groomed. Having nice nails can also help you to feel more confident and professional, which will hopefully help you to secure the job.