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Dermalogica Eye TreatmentsYour eyes and eye colour say a lot about you. “The eyes are the window of the soul” is the message of an old English proverb; you may not think it, but you spend a lot of time thinking about your eyes and what other people think of them. Just look at your choice of make-up and whether or not you choose glasses or contacts and you’ll see just how much attention your eyes really do get.

One of the most important uses of your eyes is communication. Eyes are key in human communication as not only do they add expression but they also show how you feel.

Since our eyes are so important in everyday life whether as a form of communication or a weapon of attraction it is important to make the most of our most useful asset.

Dermalogica has a whole range of eye care treatments that are sure to enhance your twinkling companions. The range includes a Total Eye Care, an Age Reversal Eye Complex and an Intensive Eye Repair. Each product has a different purpose, if you feel like the signs of aging are hitting you a little too hard then the Age Reversal Eye Complex is for you; just as if you suffer from dry skin around your eyes then the Intensive Eye Repairis the perfect product for you. If you just want to look after your eyes on the other hand and make them as bright as possible the try the Total Eye Care, for new youthful, firm skin with no dark circles or fine lines.