Seasonal Focus: Almonds


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Seasonal Focus: Almonds

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Using seasonal produce is a great way to ensure that the body gets what it needs when it needs it; things which appear at certain times often contain essential nutrients which are ideal for their season. Winter is the season for almonds, which are not only highly nutritious, containing essential fats, they’re also a fabulous ingredient in beauty products. Here’s our top 5 almond-containing products from Decleor, Dermalogica and Elemis.

Decleor Essential Cleansing Milk

Almond oil is an incredibly nourishing ingredient which infuses moisture into the skin, reducing tightness and leaving it feeling soft and supple. This cleansing milk from Decleor contains sweet almond oil, among other ingredients, to cleanse the skin, remove all traces of make-up and daily dirt, and tighten pores for a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil

Almond oil is both moisturising and very neutral, making it the perfect carrier oil for other combinations of fragrant oils for massage therapy. This oil from Elemis is designed to de-stress the muscles and combines rosewood, melissa, marjoram, geranium, rosemary, lavender and chamomile in an almond base for regenerative results.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment

The hands and nails benefit hugely from moisturising products as they often have to deal with the harshest elements, such as cold weather and washing dishes, which contribute to dryness. This non-greasy hand and nail treatment from Dermalogica is made on an almond oil base and helps to repair chapped hands and strengthen brittle nails.

Decleor Micellar Oil

Micellar oil is a revolutionary way to cleanse the skin, which uses the powerful combination of oil and water to work deep into the pores, dissolving and dispersing dirt and impurities and removing all traces of make-up. Almond oil ensures hydration and make-up melting power, and even works on waterproof cosmetics.

Elemis Hydra-Nourish Night Cream

Almond oil contains oleic and linoleic fatty acids, as well as containing vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, all of which are essential for youthful, well-balanced skin. This night cream from Elemis is a rich formulation which works intensively while you sleep to deeply hydrate the skin, regulating skin hydration, and helping to maintain skin’s firmness. Geranium and ylang-ylang add to the sweet fragrance of the formula, reviving the senses and counteracting stress, anxiety and depression.


Stocking Fillers for the Men in Your Life


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Stocking Fillers for the Men in Your Life

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These days, beauty for men is big business. No longer seen as something that only women indulge in, more and more men are taking care of their skin and investing in decent products to use instead of just nicking whatever is in the bathroom cabinet! Dermalogica, Decleor and Elemis all offer some fabulous products for men, so we thought we’d suggest a few which would make great sticking fillers for the coming festive period.

Elemis Smooth Result Shave and Beard Oil

It’s hard not to notice how trendy beards have become in recent years so it makes sense to invest in products which can be used both for keeping beards in good condition AND for shaving. This oil from Elemis can be used to prep the skin before shaving and also for keeping beards smooth, soft and smelling great. It has a masculine, herbal smell and leaves the skin moisturised and supple.

Dermalogica Shave System Kit

This kit from Dermalogica helps you to cover all of the bases, by including miniatures of Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub, Dermalogica Pre Shave Guard, Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream, Dermalogica Post Shave Balm and a sample of Dermalogica Daily Defense Block. Perfect for someone who travels a lot, or just for getting an idea of which of the products they like before buying the full-size version.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men

The women’s version of this cream is Elemis’ most popular product, so it stands to reason that the man in your life will love it too. It’s clinically proven, formulated especially for men to hydrate, firm and help improve the appearance of wrinkles. Skin is left looking smooth and feeling replenished, and smelling great too!

Decleor Triple Action Shave Perfector

Shaving is probably the single biggest stress on a man’s skin, causing rashes, sensitivity, dryness and even ingrown hairs. This oil from Decleor helps to prepare and soften the skin before and after shaving, improving razor glide and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs. Added clove oil can help to reduce regrowth, reducing the amount of shaving that you need to do in the future.

Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash

Keeping your face clean is the key to a good complexion, which is why Elemis created this deep clean facial wash, formulated for use on men’s skin. It contains oak bark, spearmint and peppermint in a unique milk protein base, which helps to remove impurities, decongest the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Keep calm and actually enjoy Christmas


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Don’t laugh, we are being serious here, you can keep calm this Christmas.

Yes, there’s the shopping to do, presents to wrap and don’t even start us on the table plan for the big day, but Christmas is meant to be a happy time when you can celebrate the good in life and spend time with those you love.

Instead of being annoyed you got the rubbish Secret Santa present (again) and laying awake at 3am worrying about whether to cook turkey or beef, keep calm with our easy to follow tips and you’ll feel like the Sugar Plum Fairy all the way to 2018.

Calm Time
Think about the times in the day when you feel calm and content and go back to those moments when you feel your stress levels rising. This could be when you wake up, sip your first hot cup of coffee of the day, you get a hug from your best friend for showing up to her work drinks or when you sit watching The Holiday for the 100th time – whenever it is, go back to that point and count to ten.

Feel Good
Don’t focus on the negatives and stop yourself from moaning, about everything that needs to be done. Yes, there will things you don’t like doing over the festive period, but why don’t let those awkward in-laws dominate your thoughts and instead think of the great stuff that is happening and your mood will be lifted.

Plan Ahead
Leaving everything to the last-minute is a recipe for disaster. If you can, start early, plan your Christmas list and every-time you are out shopping, add a gift in the basket. Before you know it, you’ve got a stock of presents, and there will be no need for panic buying amongst the masses on Christmas Eve.

Be a Kid
Christmas is all about the children and because they naturally seek out fun and happiness, we think you should do the same and are pretty sure you will feel so much better for it.

Take a Break
Rather than filling every moment of every day with jobs, take time out for you too. Whether it is lunch with a friend, having your hair done or going to a yoga class, putting up the decorations and delivering cards can wait, but your happiness can’t.

Pat on the Back
Remember what you have done already. Yes, you might not have the turkey yet and Aunt Betty might not have a present under the tree, but things will get done so just remember how much you have already achieved and give yourself a pat on the back.

You don’t have to run the Christmas show alone. Getting flatmates to decorate the tree, asking your boyfriend to buy presents for his family, asking your mum to make the cake and buying presents online, will all take the pressure off you and give you some breathing space.

Take ten minutes out to meditate. If things are getting too much, find a quite spot, concentrate on your breathing and slow down. By being in the moment you can take back control and look at your to do list with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

Stop and Think
Think about why you love Christmas, and the good things that happen over that special time. Christmas often passes in a blur of wrapping paper and champagne corks, but if you stop, savour the moment and cherish those you love, you will realise it is all worth it.

Set a Deadline
Put a date in your diary when you stop doing things for everyone else and start enjoying yourself. We all need to take time off and relax, and that includes you.

Whatever you do this Christmas, keep calm, be grateful for what you have in your life and be happy.

Team Pure-Beauty

How to Enjoy a Christmas Tipple Without Ruining Your Skin


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How to Enjoy a Christmas Tipple Without Ruining Your Skin

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Unless you have a medical or personal issue, Christmas is a time when most of us enjoy an alcoholic drink. The problem is, excessive alcohol consumption can not only play havoc on your liver, it can also be damaging for your skin. There are, however, certain drinks which do less damage than others, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown on which drinks you can enjoy at Christmas without having to worry too much about your complexion.


Even if you’re not a pint-drinker, enjoying half a lager can be better than other drinks for a number of reasons; firstly, beer generally has a lower alcohol content, so it’s not as dehydrating. Many beers also contain antioxidants and are isotonic, which means they can actually be good for you, replacing certain things which are lost when we become dehydrated! Be aware though – beer can often cause bloating, so be mindful if you’ve poured yourself into a clingy outfit!


Sugar can play havoc with the skin’s ageing process, which is why something like white wine is a no-no if you’re trying to stay on top of the signs of ageing. Gin, however, is pretty low in sugar and also in salt, so do far less damage to the skin than other, more sugary spirits. In fact, the general rule of thumb is that clear spirits are far less suagry than darker ones like brandy or dark rum.


Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely not suggesting that a night on the tequila slammers won’t be bad for your skin because that’s not the case AT ALL. However, tequila contains more or less the lowest sugar content of all spirits, which means that you can enjoy a few without having to worry too much about the effects on your skin.


This is where we have to get specific – vodka in general is not too bad for your skin providing you drink it in moderation (see the sugar rule above) HOWEVER, this obviously depends on what you mix it with as most mixers, such as fruit juices or cola, are full of sugar. Also, according to experts, opting for a potato vodka rather than one made from grains will also be a lot better for your skin in the long run.

Red Wine

While the sweeter white wines are usually frowned upon by skin experts, most generally agree that red wine is pretty good for you. It contains antioxidants which help protect against oxidative reactions, which come from sun exposure, and can cause sunburns, wrinkles and even skin cancer.