Rio 2016 – be inspired


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There is no doubt that the Rio Olympics have been amazing.

From the start of the opening ceremony, we know we were in for a sporting spectacular and we certainly haven’t been disappointed.

With Andy Murray in the tennis, Laura Trott on the cycle circuit and Becky James on the track being just some of the winners, it has been a gripping couple of weeks.

With so much action on screen, this is the perfect time to be inspired by Team GB, and athletes from around the world, to get off the sofa and spring into action.

No matter what your fitness ability or interest, we are sure there is an activity out there that is perfect just for you.

If you are looking for choice when it comes to sport, look no further than athletics. This discipline offers a wide range of options that keep you on your toes and motivated to go for gold. Running, jumping, sprinting, throwing, it is all in this mix. With Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill leading the way and inspiring a generation, never has it been a better time to join a local club and get involved.

Badminton is a great choice for the whole family. The weightless racquets, low start up costs and easy to understand rules means toddlers, grandparents and everyone in-between can have a bash. Get it set up in the garden in the summer and when it gets colder, book an indoor court to keep your fitness levels up.

Riding a bike isn’t just a way to get from a to b, it is also a fantastic way to get fit, get some fresh air and tone up. This low impact sport is becoming increasingly popular and with a range of bikes for sale at various price points, and to loan or rent, it is easier than ever to get on the Sir Bradley Wiggins bandwagon.

Combining acrobatics, water and speed, there is little more thrilling than diving. Tom Daley has bought edge and excitement back into this Olympic staple and he and the team have a loyal fan base and big dreams. This isn’t the sport for you if you don’t like heights, but if you are looking to get fit and want an adrenaline buzz, this could be the sport for you.

If team sports are your thing, and you have been inspired by Crista Cullen and the GB team why not give hockey a try this autumn? Whilst this is is a fast paced game, it can be played by all levels of fitness and local teams are often looking for new members, and beginners.

Forget the ropes and vaults in the school hall, gymnastics is becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. The men and women in Rio make it look slick and elegant but these performances takes years to perfect. One of the keys to real success is starting young so why not take your toddler to a pre-school gymnastics club and watch them cartwheel and jump to their hearts content?

Table tennis is an Olympic favourite that has viewers sitting on their edge of their seats. This is a fast, fun, easy to play game that gets you fit and as it is mainly played indoors, the British weather can’t spoil it.

With accessible sports like football, rugby, rowing and so much more being broadcast day and night, we hope you will want to put on your trainers and go out and do something less boring instead.

Team Pure-Beauty.

Olympic Nail Art


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Olympic fever has gripped the nation all over again and Team GB are giving us all PLENTY to be proud of with a whopping NINETEEN gold medals, twenty silvers and 12 bronze, at last count. It’s inspiring people all over the world to get involved in sport, but from the beauty side of things there’s plenty to be inspired by, too! So, in honour of our athletes and how well they’re all doing, we thought we’d show you some of the best Olympic manicures seen on the athletes for us regular people to aspire to!



Egyptian volley ball player Doaa Elghobashy got seriously patriotic with an Egyptian flag, combined with Olympic rings and a couple of accent colours in between. It’s low-key but effective and ensured that her hands looked great when the camera’s zoomed in.

Born in the USA

Serena Williams

Let’s face it, Serena Williams is about as glamourous as it gets, in terms of the female athletes and is a fashion model in her spare time, so we’re totally unsurprised to see her hands looking immaculate. Her professional manicure is all about The Land of the Free and looked gorgeous against her dark blue kit.

Golden Girl

Laura Trott

Laura Trott is literally the Golden Girl of Team GB right now after winning 4 gold medals, making her the most successful British female Olympian of all time. Her cute manicure, with a different design on each nail, looked wonderfully patriotic, even if it did spend a lot of time hidden under her gloves!

Paying Homage


This manicure, seen on Mexican weightlifter Luz Mercedes Acosta Valdez not only featured a miniature Mexican flag in respect of her homeland, but also featured a little Union flag to pay homage to the London Olympics in 2012. How lovely?!

Team GB

Team GB

Victoria Pendleton may not be competing this time around, but her 2012 manicure for the London Olympics was so on-point that it would be a crime not to mention it! Sporting a tiny Team GB logo on each finger made an amazing photo opportunity when she was holding her gold medla up for the whole world to see!

How to avoid the afternoon slump


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Far from being an urban myth, the 3pm slump is alive and kicking and something many people experience everyday.

You leave the house full of energy, get through your to do list by lunch but come mid-afternoon lethargy kicks in and you start to count the hours until bedtime.

The ‘afternoon slump’ has tradiontally been connected with big meals, as often seen in the TV hit, the Royale Family, but you can’t just blame food. Bad habits, lack of sleep, too little exercise and the wrong diet can all add to that feeling of mid-afternoon tiredness.

Whilst there isn’t a magic wand to kick the blues out of the way, there are easy lifestyle changes you can make to keep afternoon fatigue away and put the spring back in your step.

What you eat for breakfast will have an impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. A pastry and cappuccino from the station might be quick and easy, but it won’t do you, or your wallet, any favours in the long run. Toast with peanut butter, a vitamin packed smoothie or a wholemeal muffin with a scrambled egg and avocado will give you the fuel you need for the day ahead.

At lunchtime, enjoy a balanced meal and get up and go for a walk and get some fresh air. Both are often lost due to busy schedules but they can make the world of difference. Healthy lunch choices include brown rice, whole-grain bread or a baked sweet potato with lean proteins such as turkey breast, fish, chicken, tofu or cottage cheese. These filling combinations will top up your energy levels and stop your blood sugar dropping.

Sweet snacks packed with sugar are often used as a pick me up, but this is where people go wrong. Yes, have them as a treat from time to time, but they will actually contribute to a dip in blood sugar levels and leave you feeling sluggish. Stay away from vending machines and fizzy drinks and opt for a handful of unsalted nuts, carrot sticks with hummus, plain popcorn or rice cakes and almond butter.

Caffeine is another well used energy booster, but again, the initial buzz can lead to headaches and poor sleep. You don’t have to avoid tea and coffee altogether but aim to limit your caffeine consumption to no more than 400 milligrams a day; a regular cup of coffee contains 90 to 120mg. Not only can this help prevent afternoon dips but can also help you feel calmer and aid better sleep.

If you want to ensure optimum brain and body power, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help keep you hydrated and awake. Keep a bottle of mineral water with you when you are out and about and add lemon and cucumber to iced water at home to liven up the taste and add a little extra zing.

We all tend to be creatures of habit but making small, active changes to your routine can keep you feel more alert. Cycle to work, go to a dance class at lunchtime, take the stairs rather than the lift and walk across the office to talk to colleagues rather than sending an email.

If you work in at a desk, it is really important to pay attention to your posture and how you are sitting. Sitting up straight, having your computer screen at the right level, placing your feet flat on the floor and taking small breaks to walk and stretch, can all make difference to how you feel and how tired you are. Give it a go, we bet it makes a difference.

Keep a diary of the changes you make and how you feel and we are sure that in a week or two, you will be feeling happier and more energised all day long.

Team Pure Beauty

Be Daring This Summer!


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Daring Summer LooksSummer is a time when it’s great to be daring or try something to shake your image up a bit. Here at Pure Beauty we love experimenting with our hair, make up and clothing so we thought we’d share with you a few of our summer shake up ideas to help you to be a bit more adventurous.

Colourful Dip Dye

Brightly coloured hair is totally on-trend right now, but if you aren’t brave enough for a full-on mermaid look, you could try a colourful dip dye. This has many benefits; less time and effort, lower maintenance and best of all, if you don’t like it, you can simply trim off the bottom few inches of your hair. Coloured dye usually only lasts for a few washes too, so you can change it up when you feel like it, but use Dermalogica Silk Finish Conditioner to keep hair in good condition.

Get The Chop!

Both Versace and Yves Saint Laurent had models with buzz cuts walking for them this season and going super short is rumoured to be the BIG look for winter. Obviously, it’s an incredibly bold look and a huge step if you’ve always had flowing locks, but going short might be something you’ll absolutely love…just make sure you give it a lot of thought first!

Crazy Colours

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been sticking to roughly the same shades in your make up bag for years now and are likely to be quite adamant about what suits you and what doesn’t. However, thinking outside the box in terms of your colour palatte could really help to liven up your look. Experiment with red lips, dark lips, smokey eyes…basically anything you’ve not tried before and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Minimal Make Up

During the winter, we tend to feel more comfortable with a full coverage foundation because there are so many things which play havoc with our complexion. In summer, however, we prefer less coverage because it simply feels uncomfortable in the heat, so opting for a BB cream is a great alternative. BB creams offer sheer coverage, moisturistation, and leave you looking radiant without the need for layers.

Fringe Benefits

If you aren’t quite brave enough for super bright hair or a crazy buzz cut,why not try having a fringe cut in? Fringes can really change the whole look of your face and whether you go for a sweeping side fringe, a bold block fringe or an on-trend short fringe, you’re sure to make a statement with it.

Summer reading inspiration


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When we’re not helping customers find the right beauty products for them or finding out about the latest trends and updates in the industry, there’s nothing more we like than to kick back with a great book.

Whether you are hooked on horror, nuts for novels or have a crush on chic lit, we have put together a list of our favourite books and we think it has something for everyone on it.

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin is a poolside page-turner that won’t let you down. At 16, Tessa was found just about alive among human remains with little idea how she got there. Two decades later and Tessa is an artist and single mother but all of a sudden the past comes back to haunt her. This psychological thriller will have your heart in your mouth until the very end.

If you fancy something a little lighter, look no further than Invincible Summer by Alice Adams. This easy to read story follows four friends who go their own way after graduation to find their happy ever after. In her debut novel, Adams brings the women back together as they recover from broken hearts, career problems and shattered dreams.

If you love Downtown, The Mistresses of Cliveden is the book for you. This historic epic is set in a opulent English stately home and Natalie Livingstone explores the lives of the rich and powerful women who ruled the estate for more than three centuries. With bad behavior, intrigue, passion and scandal all part of this well-researched book, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

For more twists and turns that a rollercoaster at the theme, there’s I Let You Go by Claire Macintosh. One wet, dark winter’s afternoon a child lets go of his mother’s hand and in a split second life changes forever. This clever, intriguing plot takes the reader on a thrilling journey with an unexpected ending that took our breath away.

If you want old school, go with the master of suspense Stephen King and Mr. Mercedes. This is the story of a retired murder detective, Bill Hodges, who is haunted by a string of old cases he didn’t ever solve. Fearing the perpetrator will strike, and kill, again, Hodges comes out of retirement to stop that form happening. If you like this gripping tales, there are two more in the series to devour.

For something easy and fresh go for Lucy Diamond’s new book, One Night in Italy. This heartwarming tale follows the lives Anna, Catherine and Sophie who are confront past betrayals and the prospect of new love affairs one fateful summer in Italy.

If you want to use your holiday to do a little self-improvement, the Start Where You Are Journal from Meera Lee Patal, will make a perfect addition to your suitcase. Each vibrant page helps you steer thought the chaos of modern day life and gets you to step back and take time out. Yes, we live in busy, stressful times, but this is a powerful book that can help you make small changes that will have big results.

Perfect summer reading that will make you laugh, and cry, sometimes at the same time, doesn’t come much better than Miss You by Kate Eberlen. For one day in Florence, the paths of two eighteen-year-olds criss-cross before they both return to England. Over the next sixteen years, separated by distance and fate, there’s no way the two of them are ever going to meet each other properly . . . or is there? Read and find out, but have tissues at the ready.

Happy reading and let us know if you have a book you think we would love.


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