Top Tips for a Firmer Bust


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Whether you’ve lost weight, breastfed your children or are suffering the signs of ageing, a firm bust is something that could be a distant memory. Even with a good bra to offer lift and support, the skin above your breasts can also lose elasticity which can ruin the overall appearance of the whole area, so we thought we’d share some tips on how to get a firmer bust.


Although going to the gym won’t help to tighten your skin, increasing strength in your chest and shoulder muscles can help to make your chest look firmer and more gravity defying. If you’re a regular at the gym, incline flies with a dumbbell are the best way to achieve it. However, if you’re happier exercising from home, squeezing a book between flat palms for 25 reps is also a good option.



Using the right product to help to firm your skin is vital to improving the appearance of your bust and décolletage. We would highly recommend Decleor Sculpt Firming Body Serum, which is specifically formulated to combat skin sagging and improve tone and elasticity of the skin. It can also fight the appearance of stretch marks and will leave the skin looking visibly re-sculpted.


Dehydration plays havoc with your skin, leaving it looking dry and papery, as well as lacking tone. Ensure you drink at least 2 litres of water per day to maintain hydration and allow your bust and chest to look plumped and firm.


Okay, so this one might sound a little bit saucy, but maintaining tip-top circulation is essential for firming up your skin and a really effective way to achieve this is through massage. Using a product such as Decleor Relax Intense Relaxing Massage Balm after a bath or to stimulate circulation will greatly improve firmness in the bust area and once you’ve gotten over the blushes from massaging your own boobs, you might even enjoy it!

Hot and Cold

If you tend to shower more than you bathe, you can use the jets of water to your advantage. When you’re just about ready to get out, turn the shower down so that it’s as cold as you can bear and aim it at your chest. Stay under the cold blast for about 15 seconds before turning it back to warm and repeat. The variation of temperature is great for your circulation and the cold tends to make your skin tighten up naturally.

A banana isn’t just yellow


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We all have them sitting in the fruit bowl, calling out to be eaten as they get a little browner everyday.

Bananas, the fruit we all love.

Bananas gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy thanks to a combination of three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose as well as a hit of fibre.

Two provide enough energy for a 90-minute workout and this yellow wonder fruit has 4 times the protein, vitamin A and iron of an apple, twice the carbohydrates and three times the phosphorus and is super rich in potassium.


We tend to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but maybe it has been the banana all along?

High in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the blood and can help ease anaemia.

Rather than going for strong creams when you’re bitten by an insect, try rubbing the bite with the inside of a banana skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation and less toxic than over the counter products.

Blood Pressure
Bananas are high in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to help keep blood pressure levels healthy.

Body Temperature
Many cultures use the simple banana as a ‘cooling’ fruit to lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. Bet you didn’t know that?

Not an obvious but because bananas are high in fibre they can help ensure you have regular bowel movements if included in a healthy diet.

Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein that the body converts into serotonin which is known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

Swap pills for bananas if you want a healthier way to deal with PMS. The Vitamin B6 found in the fruit regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood so eat bananas as you relax with a hot water bottle and you will feel more cheery in no time.

Hangover Cure
One of the quickest ways to cure a hangover is by blending a banana with milk, ice and honey. The banana calms the stomach, the honey evens out your blood sugar levels and the milk soothes and re-hydrates you.

Bananas offer a natural antacid effect and can help sooth heartburn.

Morning Sickness
We know many people rave about ginger being good for morning sickness, but so are bananas. They help keep blood sugar levels stable and because they are low in fat so make a great, healthy on the go snack.

Bananas are high in B vitamins which are excellent at helping to keep us calm, so before an exam or big meeting, munch on a bunch and keep your cool.

Stomach Ulcers
Bananas can really help deal with intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases and it also neutralises acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

What are you waiting for, peel one today and feel tip top.

January’s Seasonal Foods


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Although the supermarkets would have you believe that strawberries are readily available all year round, when we eat fruit and veg out of season, it usually means that it’s been grown in a hotter country and flown all the way around the world, which is obviously terrible for the environment. Opting for produce which is in season not only allows you to do your bit for the planet, it can also help you to discover foods that you may not necessarily usually eat and add a little variety to your plate. Here’s what you should be looking for in January and February:



Salsify is a root vegetable which is actually a member of the sunflower family and although the tough, black skin is practically inedible, the flesh beneath is tasty and full of nutrition. As well as being a good source of dietary fibre, which will help combat bloat, it’s also packed with vitamin C and potassium.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange

Blood oranges may sound a little unappealing but are, in fact, simply named because of their dark red flesh. The dark redness is actually caused by a compound called anthocyanin, which protects against a number of diseases, such as cancer and liver dysfunction. They are also less acidic than normal oranges and have a sweet, almost raspberry-like flavour, making them ideal for anyone who suffers from digestive issues whilst being packed with vitamin C.



Pomegranates are a bit of a love/hate fruit because they are fairly expensive and are pretty tricky to eat, but their nutritional benefits and versatility make them something you should definitely be adding to your shopping list at this time of year. Pomegranates are fairly high in sugar, as are many fruits, but they also have a relatively high fibre content too, which means that they release their energy slower and won’t cause big spikes in your sugar levels, something which is important for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.



Okay, so this may seem like a rather “lofty” suggestion as truffles are a notoriously expensive ingredient but one of the reasons that they are so prized is that they are probably the most nutritious mushroom on the planet! As well as being 8.6% protein (fab for anyone trying to build muscle) truffles are also rich in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulphur, chlorine, silicone, AND amino acids!



Leeks are often overlooked as a vegetable but they’re actually one of the most nutritious veg around! Part of the onion family, leeks contain a whole host of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants. A 100g serving contains 39% of your RDA of vitamin K and 55% of your vitamin A, whilst only containing 61 calories!

Fitness hacks that work


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Hate the gym?

Lost your fitness mojo?

Don’t want to go out in the cold?

Wish you felt and looked better?

We can understand all of this and are here to help.

We’ve put together some easy fitness hacks that will keep you on track come rain or shine?

By starting your day with a workout you’ve got nothing to skip later in the day. This perfect for anyone who procrastinates and gets everything done other than their Pilates class.

Keep it short and opt for a quick, intense workout over a longer one where you don’t push yourself quite as much.

Make it a social event and exercise with friends. If you know someone else is depending on you for their run, you will be less likely to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

Make exercise part of your daily routine. Riding your bike to work, getting off the bus one stop early or parking further away from the school will all make a difference and add up over the weeks and months.

Keeping hydrated is key to success. You need at least eight glasses of water on an average day to be healthy. It is good to know that more water helps your body burn more fat, and being properly hydrated improves your workout performance. Sip on water during the day and add lemon or ginger for a natural zing.

Go at your own pace. No one says that you have to work out every day, and many professionals don’t advocate that anyway. The key is to give 100% when you do exercise so that you get as much out of it as possible.

If you feel as if you are just too tired to hit the gym, enjoy a caffeine hit. Caffeine has been linked to better workout performance so sip coffee or green tea and you’ll get your energy back on track. Just don’t over do it!

If you really cannot get motivated, think about getting some pro help. Sign up for boot camp classes or hire a PT for a handful of sessions at the gym. They’ll give you the encouragement and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and reach those goals you have wanted to hit for months.

If you have a desk job, make sure you get up and move every thirty minutes. Even if you simply walk around the office and stretch it will help you refresh. When you are sitting at your desk have your feet on the floor and check your ears, shoulders and hips are all in line.

Sore muscles? Apply ice to the affected area straight away to reduce inflammation then use heat later on to encourage an increased flow of blood to the area. If you do have an injury rest and seek medical help if needed.

If you work best with rewards, do it. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to getting exercise done. Whether you buy yourself a magazine, save for a spa day or treat yourself to a new pair of trainers, if incentives work, go for it.

Whatever you do, pick something you enjoy and you are more likely to stick to it and even look forward to it.

Hair Focus: Long or Short?


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long or short hairWhether you like to wear your tresses long and flowing or short and pixie-like, there’s no denying that sometimes it’s nice to make a change to your overall look. If you’ve worn your hair the same way for years, it’s easy to feel like you simply couldn’t do anything drastic without affecting your whole identity, but we thought we’d look at some of the pros and cons of both long and short hair to help you make up your mind.


Short hair is often reliant on using a lot of product, which means that you need to wash it often so that you don’t end up with nasty build up and hair which looks like Lego snap-on hair! By the same token, many of us heat-style longer hair which encourages over-production of oils from the scalp, leaving us needing to wash hair just as often to keep it from looking lank and greasy. The only way to avoid needing to wash your hair all that often is by having either a crop or dreadlocks, two looks which can be VERY tricky to pull off!


It’s easy to think that short hair needs less styling, but unless your hair is cropped SUPER short, this very often isn’t the case. Short hair often needs a lot of faff to keep it looking presentable, whereas plenty of long hair dos require little more than brushing. It’s also worth remembering that you can stick long hair straight into a ponytail if you aren’t in the mood to mess around (or you don’t have the time).


The level of maintenance required for both long and short hair depends very much upon the actual style you opt for. If you go full Amber Rose and shave your head, you can maintain your own hair with a pair of clippers, however a neat little pixie cut will require regular chops by a hairdresser to keep it from looking untidy. Conversely, long hair can pretty much be left to its own devices, unless you opt for something like an asymmetric bob or layers, which will need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks to maintain its shape. Make sure you think about all of this before deciding which style to go for.

Face Shape

The fact of the matter is, some of us simply don’t suit certain hairstyles. Those of us with super round faces (that’ll be me, then…) usually can’t pull off short hairstyles as our facial bone structure just isn’t delicate enough. It’s also true that people with delicate features can sometimes look as though they are drowning under a huge mop of hair. If you don’t know what your face shape is, wait until the bathroom mirror is steamed up after a bath or shower and use your finger to draw around the edge of the reflection of your face – what you’re left with should be a good indicator of your face shape and should help you to decide which style is best for you.


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