Deal with Menopause the Pure Beauty Way


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Helen Mirren by Gage SkidmoreFor many of our customers, the menopause is a very real issue and even if they’re not already in the grips of it, they know that it could be just around the corner. Some women manage to go through the menopause without too many side effects, but it can also bring a whole load of unpleasant physcal issues. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most common side-effects of the menopause, and what you can do to combat them.

Hot Flushes

Probably the most common side-effect of the menopause is hot flushes, which experts attribute to the decrease in oestrogen production in menopausal women. Hot flushes can feel really uncomfortable and can come on in waves, making sufferers feel rubbish while they’re in progress. Using a cooling spritz like Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist will help to cool you down and will have the added bonus of revitalising your skin in the process.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is another widely-reported effect of the menopause, largely because as the body ages it slows down on essential process and cannot retain as much moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a rich cream for ageing skin which will replenish moisture and stop skin from feeling dry, papery and tight.

Brittle Nails

As well as losing hydration from the skin, many menopausal women lose moisture from their nails which leads to them becoming dry and brittle with the edges flaking off. Choosing the right cream to replenish moisture to the hands AND nails is vital, and Elemis British Botanical Hand and Nail Butter does exactly this by cocooning them in precious essential oils.

Muscle Pain

Muscle and joint pain might just seem like a symptom of getting older, but it can also be directly related to the menopause. Once again, those pesky low oestrogen levels are the reason, causing inflammation and stiffness. Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil won’t be a miracle cure but will definitely help you to smooth away some of the pain and help you to relax, ridding you of those ashes and pains.


Anxiety during menopause can be caused by a number of things, not least of all the raft of emotions that the ebbing hormones can foist upon you. Rubbing a little Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm onto your temples when you need to calm your nerves and refocus your mind can really help and the powerful blend of essential oils will promote harmony, tranquillity and relaxation.


Be Healthy on World Heart Day


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Did you know that 29 September is World Heart Day?

Well it is and the event came around in 2012 when world leaders together with the World Heart Federation committed to reducing global mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025.

The World Heart Federation says that cardio vascular diseases, including strokes and heart disease, are the world’s leading cause of death and claim around 17.5 million lives each year.

The thing is, not only does your heart power your whole body but it also lets you love, laugh and live life to the full, so World Heart Day is a good time to assess just how well you are treating it.

We have some easy to follow tips that will keep not only your heart, but your whole body fit and well.

Stop Smoking
One of the single best things you can do to keep your heart healthy, is to quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of a heart attack as well as heart disease and strokes but the good news is, the moment you quit, the risks are reduced. So, why is smoking so bad for your heart? Well, firstly it affects the vessels that supply blood to your heart, damages the blood vessel walls and reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood stream. On top of this, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals including nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide which make your heart beat, and work faster while making it harder for you to breathe. Quitting isn’t easy, but it is the best thing you can do for your health.

Look at Your Diet
A balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, protein and good fats can help maintain your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All of these contribute to well-being and a healthy heart. Reducing the amount of salt and sugar you eat is a good idea and replacing saturated and trans fats with unsaturated fats can help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Eat Fish
Eating fish at least twice a week, including a portion of oily fish, can help keep your heart healthy. Sardines, fresh tuna and salmon are all fantastic sources of healthy omega-3 fats, which can help protect against heart disease, so add them to the shopping list and enjoy with fresh veg and brown rice.

Drink Less
It might sound like we are be super-boring, but cutting down your alcohol intake can help your heart as well as your waist line. Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week and it is good idea to have alcohol free days each week.

Be Active
Regular, moderate physical activity is great for your heart health and just 30 minutes of activity, five days a week can make a difference. Walking to the shops, cycling to work, jogging with a friend and taking a dance class will get your heart rate up and blood pumping around your body. Those feel good endorphins will also be flying around your body helping your mental health too. Also remember, if you work at a desk, get up and stretch your legs and ease your shoulders once an hour and even walking up and down the stairs will help breathe life back into your body.

Weigh In
It is believed that being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease, so keep an eye on the scales and how your jeans feel.

By combining all the lifestyle factors, we have talked about here, you should be able to find a comfortable weight, but if you are struggling, have a chat with your GP who will be able to help.

Team Pure-Beauty

Five Skincare MUSTS For Your Thirties


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Five Skincare MUSTS For Your Thirties

Royalty-free image

Your thirties can be a real in-between time for skincare; you’re probably not dealing with acne or sports anymore, and your party days are petering out, but you’re also not at that hardcore wrinkle-fighting stage yet, either. In fact, we often find from our customers that skin is neglected MOST when women hit their thirties for a number of reasons. There are, however, several things you should be doing if you want to reach your forties with skin which is still in good shape. Here’s a few of them:


If you’re in your thirties, there’s a good chance that ‘time spent in the sun’ revolves around watching the kids while they practice their divebombs in the pool, but distraction is no excuse and you should be taking extra time to ensure that your skin is adequately protected from the sun’s harmful rays. We say protect against the signs of ageing now so you won’t need to reverse them later. Elemis Liquid Layer SPF30 is a broad spectrum, water-resistant physical barrier sunscreen protects against sun’s harmful rays.


A mistake that many women make is thinking that they only need to moisturise their skin if it’s dry in the first place, but this simply isn’t true. All skin needs added moisture, and in fact oily skin is often that way because of an imbalance and lack of moisture making the skin over-produce Decleor 24 Hour Hydrating Light Cream is a light moisturiser which offers 24hr hydration and protection to all skin types.


Something we see really often here at Pure Beauty is women who only start to use anti-ageing products once the signs of ageing have already started, but in fact using them preemptively is so much more advantageous as they can stop ageing in it’s tracks. Opting for products containing hyaluronic acid like Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist with its intense hydration and flash-firming properties will help you to look younger for longer.


Many women use an all-over facial moisturiser (probably because they’re short on time) and totally forget about their eyes, but this is a mistake. The skin around the eyes is delicate and prone to collagen loss, which means it’s usually the first place to age. Treat yourself to a tube of Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift which will help to remove all signs of stress and tiredness, keeping the skin around your eyes in top condition.


Changing hormones and the ageing process can mean that your skin starts to change in your thirties, maybe feeling a little more delicate than before. Exfoliation is an important step in your skincare routine but once you hit your thirties you should try to only do it at night. Skin goes into repair-mode as we sleep, so exfoliating away all the dead skin cells before your skin repairs itself at night will give you the best chance of waking up with a brighter complexion. Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant is a gentle exfoliator, suitable for most skin types.

Which subscription box is for you?


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The UK subscription box market is booming and as people demand more convenience when it comes to shopping, things can only get bigger.

The subscription box trend was started, like so many things, in the US, when
Birchbox, offered monthly deliveries of make-up and beauty products and started a consumer revolution.

The concept quickly took off and is now a thriving industry around the world.

With so much to choose from, we have done a round-up of our favourites.

Baebox is a fab monthly subscription box aimed at girls aged eight to 15. Each box costs £16.00 and is packed with cute stationery, tote bags, toiletries and cool games. We love these boxes because they also feature postcards that come with inspirational quotes and positive messages that make you feel fab. The Baebox ethos is ‘Awesome as you are’ and with a box just for boys too, this subscription is bang on the money.

If you are fed up of the vending machine to get your afternoon fix, why not try Graze? These guys have been around for a while and send out personalised boxes of healthy, tasty snacks that are brilliant. From rustic flapjacks with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle and mango, pineapple and coconut flakes to pots of almonds, cranberries and pecan nuts and pop-it-yourself popcorn with a touch of salt, there is something for everyone.

If the free spirit in you needs a regular fix, you will love Yogi and Bare. This is either a monthly subscription or a one-off box that is full of carefully selected products that bring balance and joy to your life. From £26.00 (plus postage) your day will be brightened when you open the post and find a selection of skincare products, clothing, jewellery or snacks, as well as retreat information, recipes and so much more.

Flowers through the letterbox sounds wrong, but Bloom & Wild have made it oh so right. The luxury range of blooms and stems plus premium packaging will put a smile on even the most stressed face. With 3, 6 or 12 month options, this is an affordable way to have a pop of natural colour in your home all year round and because the flowers come ‘flat-packed’, you don’t need to be home to sign for them.

If you’re a stationery lover, then HoneyTreePost is going to be the subscription box for you. Each month a collection of inspired stationery is put together and sent straight to your desk. Beautifully illustrated cards and paper, postcards, notecards and gift tags could be amongst the seven items you receive and each one will make you smile.

We couldn’t complete this round-up without mention the amazing Glossybox. From just £10 a month, you will receive a super-stylish box containing five products from iconic brands like MUA, Clarins, Maybelline and Nails Inc together with expert tips and tricks. We think you will love it so much, you will want to buy subscriptions for family and friends too.

Got a box you love? Write in and let us know more!

Team Pure Beauty

How to Give Yourself a Home Pedicure


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How to Give Yourself a Home Pedicure

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When the sun is shining and your tootsies are constantly on show in a series of sandals, it makes sense to splurge and have your pedicures done in a salon. However, when the weather cools and our feet are stuffed into boots for months on end, spending money on keeping our feet looking nice seems like a false economy. However, if you leave your feet to their own devices all winter, they’re going to emerge in spring looking more like they belong to the Gruffalo, so we’ve put together some home pedicure tips which should keep you going over the colder months.

Soak Them

Before you do anything to your feet, you’ll want to get them super soft and clean, so soaking in a bath with some Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak will soften any hard skin, making it easy to scrub it away. Make sure the bath isn’t too hot and spend plenty of time soaking to get the best results.

Scrub Them

Getting rid of hard skin is really important, otherwise it can build up and look (and feel) really unpleasant. Many people go straight for harsh files and blades to get rid of skin, but often it’s enough to persevere with a gentler product like Elemis Devils Mint Body Scrub. Use this after soaking your feet on a regular basis and the skin won’t have a chance to build up to unpleasant levels.

Brush Them

The tops of your feet are just as important as the bottoms and people often focus the care and exfoliation on the latter because that’s where the hard skin builds up, forgetting the rest of the foot. This area doesn’t need a harsh exfoliation, but brushing it with the Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush every time you bathe or shower will keep the tops of your toes looking great.

Trim Them

Everyone has a personal preference for toenail length, but keeping them short is the most hygienic and low-maintenance way to get through the winter. Use proper clippers which are intended for feet and make sure you cut them straight, not cutting off the corners as this can lead in ingrown toenails and open you up to possible infections.

Paint Them

Painting your toenails is SO much easier than painting your own fingernails because there’s no need to swap hands! Opt for either a nude which suits your skin tone or a dark colour and they’re the neatest option for short nails. Nudes will need less maintenance, too!

Moisturise Them

It’s absolutely VITAL to moisturise your feet if you want them to remain soft and free from hard skin. Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream is an intensely moisturising formulation melts beautifully into the skin, smoothing and hydrating rough dry areas. It’s designed specifically for feet and is infused with a blend of aromatic oils to help soothe and comfort tired, overworked feet.