30 Days of Dermalogica


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Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica KitTrying a new skincare brand for the first time can be daunting; you don’t know which products to try and investing in full-size bottles of products you’re unfamiliar with can be a big step to take. Dermalogica is all too familiar with the problems with making this leap, which is why they’ve put together their ‘Meet Dermalogica’ Kit, comprised of 30 days worth of the best products from Dermalogica’s ranges. Read on to see which products are included and what they can do for your skin.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is an exfoliator made from rice enzymes which will efficiently slough away dead skin cells, reducing dullness, but is suitable for all skin types and can be used every day, unlike many exfoliating treatments. It contains green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal which calm inflammation, and leave the skin clear and refreshed. It stimulates cell renewal which will keep your skin looking brighter every time you use it.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Many cleansing gels by other brands tend to be harsh and dry the skin out, causing redness and inflammation. This gel from Dermalogica is designed to remove dirt, pollution and impurities while completely protecting the natural balance of oils within the skin. The cleanser contains no soap, no perfumes and is enriched with lavender and balm mint to cleanse the skin with a soothing aftercare. Suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to be used daily.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Even skin which isn’t prone to dryness needs a dose of moisture, which is where this skin smoothing cream comes in. It deeply hydrates the skin, offering smoothing to areas of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to reduce free radical activity while the light, emulsive protection helps shield against dehydration and pollution. It’s suitable for most skin types, and offers a defence against free radicals which help to accelerate the ageing process.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm

Adding moisture back into the skin is the first step towards combating the signs of ageing, but sometimes you need something slightly more powerful to deal with your issues. The targeting formula in Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm are designed to combat visible lines around the eyes and mouth area as well as protecting against moisture loss to minimise fine lines associated with dehydration. It contains retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) to bolster the skin’s own reparative powers and a protective shield of organic silicones which helps prevent moisture loss and protects vulnerable skin.

How to look after your contact lenses


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A recent story to hit the headlines was about a woman who was found to have 27, yes 27, contact lenses stuck in her eye. Ouch!

The 67 year was scheduled for cataract surgery but instead, a blue mass of lenses was pulled from her eye, unlike anything the hospital had seen before.

While this was an extreme case, it highlights the need for care to be taken when putting in and taking out lenses and for wearers to ensure they have a healthy, safe routine to ensure their eyes are well cared for.

To make sure you don’t end up in the same predicament, we have put together some top tips to help you get contact lens wearing right.

Seems so obvious, but always make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting anything into your eyes or removing from them.

Try not to be nervous. Putting contact lenses in and taking them out might seem daunting but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy so take your time. The key to success is to keep a steady hand and if it doesn’t work first time, walk away and try later.

Before you put a lens in, make sure it isn’t inside out. To check this, place the clean lens on your finger tip and hold it up to the light. If it is the right way round it should look like a bowl but if the edges flare out, it’s inside out and needs to be adjusted.

To put the lens into your eye, hold your upper eyelid with one finger and then gently pull down your lower eyelid with your other fingers. This will stop you blinking and will stop your eyelashes getting in the way.

To take your lenses out, simply look up and carefully pull your lower eyelid down using your middle finger. Gently put your index finger to your eye and when you touch the lower edge of the lens, slide it down to the lower white area of your eye – note that this should not hurt. Finally squeeze the lens, very gently, between your thumb and index finger and finally take it out. Repeat on the other eye.

At this point, daily lenses can be thrown away, otherwise clean bi-weekly and monthly lenses as advised.

Remember, never use tap water to clean your lenses or their case. Use the recommend cleaning solution and following the instructions to the word.

Whatever is happening in your life, only wear your lenses for the time specified and don’t ever sleep in them or you will wake up feeling very uncomfortable.

As well as replacing your lenses to prevent infection, it is also important to use new cases and cleaning fluids on a regular basis.

We suggest that you don’t apply your eye make-up before putting contact lenses in, as this can sometimes cause aggravation and infection.

Contact lenses and swimming are not a good mix, so swap for glasses at the pool but make sure you take the same care taking them in and out as public places are full of bacteria and germs.

If there are any signs of pain, irritation, redness or vision loss, get in touch with your optician ASAP.

On this note, it is important to have regular checks with your optician so they can check on your eye health and ensure you are using the right lenses for you.

Team Pure Beauty

Give your bathroom a summer makeover


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If you are feeling down and out about your bathroom, why not give it a little bit of a makeover this summer and create the haven you have been looking for.

A lick of paint
Your bathroom, just like any other room in the house, can be totally transformed with a fresh coat of pain. Of course, white is clean and fresh and will add an air of calm to your bathroom, but if you like colour then blue can give a nautical feel, yellow is cheery and green is coming back into style. There are many makes out there, but for your bathroom look for a specially formulated on like Dulux Bathroom+ Soft Sheen which is a moisture and steam resistant paint that comes in some fantastic shades that will transform dull into amazing.

Go for the grout
If you can’t retile your entire bathroom, you can still deal with the grouting which often ages and makes the whole room look old and tired. First things first, if there is any mould on the grout, either take this away by washing with a stain remover, or try a grout rake and use this to take away around 2mm of the old material before adding a new layer. You may also want to replace the old sealant which isn’t hard but you will need a steady hand and maybe watch the odd YouTube clip for expert advice.

It is amazing at how old curtains or a badly fitting blind can make a room look really shabby. Take the old fittings down, give the window and surrounding area a clean and add new paint if needed. To complete the look hang fresh curtains, wooden shutters or just use a frosted film to create a whole new look and feel.

Think about the lights
Long gone are the days when a bare bulb was all a bathroom needed if you needed to spend a penny! Natural daylight is great whenever possible, but do think about your neighbours with this option! You can change the light shades to make a difference or have LED lighting fitted by an electrician. Not only does this add ambience but it also saves money and the environment, but make sure anything that is fitted is certified for bathroom use and complies with health and safety regulations.

This is the bit we really love. Just as with an outfit, accessories can really help bring a bathroom together. Whether you go for a theme or base your bathroom on a colour, it is easy to make it look and feel fabulous with a few accessory additions. From towels and pictures on the walls to baskets and mirrors, you can create a whole new look that will make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

A touch of green
One last touch that can really bring your bathroom to life, is a plant or two. Nothing says fresh like a little bit of greenery and it is a pretty cost-effective way to bring the outside, in. Ferns, lilies and some palms are perfect as they thrive in a damp environment, so all you need are so pretty pots and you are ready to go.

Team Pure-Beauty

Best Beauty Ingredients – Amazing Avocados


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Royalty-free image

Avocados are one of natures greatest gifts; as well as being a hugely nutritious food full of vitamins, minerals and good fats, they’re an amazing ingredient for beauty products. We’ve taken some time to go through our products and work out which ones have harnessed the power of avocados and we thought we’d share our discoveries with our lovely readers:

Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo

Avocado is a key ingredient in Dermalogica’s shampoo as it provides key oils which offer the hair moisture, helping to protect against breakage and keep the hair super soft and smooth. It contains antioxidant-rich ingredients which shield hair from heat and sun damage and is completely free of drying detergents and harsh chemicals. As well as containing avocado oil, it also benefits from grapefruit, lavender and coconut oil to keep your hair in tip-tip condition.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

This night cream from Elemis is packed with antioxidants from avocado oils, as well as sesame oil, which protect the skin against free-radicals, deeply moisturise and provide a deep dose of anti-ageing magic. This night cream raises the skins ability to absorb oxygen, replenishes the skin to improve moisturisation and prevent future water loss and has a satin texture to leave your skin feeling plump, brighter and hydrated

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex

This lip treatment from Dermalogica is SO much more than your average lip balm. As well as restoring moisture to dry lips, it contains powerful ingredients which slow down the ageing process, reverse fine lines around the mouth and give an overall appearance of a more youthful, plumped lip. Avocado is included alongside cacao seed butter, rice bran oil, wheatgerm oil and shea butter to smooth and condition lip tissue while helping to prevent hydration.

Decleor 24 Hour Hydrating Rich Cream

This cream from Decleor is designed to cocoon the skin, giving nourishment for a full 24 hours to skin which is in dire need of deep rehydration. Rosehip oil provides essential fatty acids to the face, while avocado and soy plant oils offer comfort, especially in the winter months when conditions can be a little too harsh for skin which is prone to dryness. It offers a velvety finish and preserves the skins natural beauty.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

Avocado has an incredible soothing power which makes it perfect for skin which is hyper-sensitised, red and inflamed. This concentrated serum from Dermalogica helps to soothe, defend and correct skin which is suffering from sensitivity and flare-ups and can also be used following cosmetic procedures for calming and soothing skin. Avocado, as well as evening primrose and sunflower oils, will intensify the skins natural lipid barriers to improve skin from the inside out.

Stock up on strawberries this summer


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Go into any supermarket at the moment or drive through local villages and strawberries are the star of the show.

As well as tasting amazing, the humble strawberry is packed with packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and they are sodium, cholesterol and fat free.

You can of course eat straight them from the box with cream and add to packed lunches, but you can also create a strawberry treat that will have your taste buds tingling.

Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is a great ‘on the go breakfast’ or as healthy afternoon treat that will keep you away from the chocolate.

For two large glasses, you will need:

1 ripe, sliced banana
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of blueberries
1 red apple, peeled and cored
1/2 a cup of coconut water
3/4 of a cup of organic Greek yogurt
1/2 a teaspoon of honey (optional)
4 ice cubes

Place the banana, strawberries, blueberries, apple, and ice cubes into a blender and whizz for 30 seconds. Next pour in the coconut water, yogurt, and honey, puree until smooth then enjoy.

Strawberry Crumble

Bear with us on this because we know it sounds a bit odd but it tastes great. For one family sizes crumble, you will need:

350g of clean, halved strawberries
3 sticks of rhubarb, cleaned and chopped
85g of plain flour
50g caster sugar
25g ground almonds
50g unsalted butter, chopped into small cubes
¾ of a cup of pecans and hazelnuts, chopped
Grated zest of one small orange
Ground cinnamon

To make:
Heat your oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6.

Cook the strawberry and rhubarb mixture over medium for 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently, until the chunky mixture is syrupy and place in a pie dish.

Mix the flour, sugar and ground almonds together then add the butter and rub together until you have rough crumbs. Stir in the orange zest which will offset the taste of the strawberries and rhubarb wonderfully.

Spread the crumble topping over the fruit, then sprinkle with the copped nuts and cinnamon.

Bake for 25 mins until golden and bubbly and once cooled serve with ice cream or custard.

Strawberry Jam

There is something so special about strawberry jam, especially when it is homemade. This great, easy to make recipe tastes amazing with everything from freshly buttered toast to warm scones but be patient as it is a fiddly job.

You will need:

1kg of washed, hulled strawberries
750g of jam sugar
The juice of one lemon
A jam pain
A pasty brush
A preserving or digital thermometer
A selection of jars and lids, wax discs, cellophane circles and rubber bands

Prepare the strawberries by wiping them with damp kitchen paper so the fruit won’t absorb lots of water. To hull the fruit simply cut a cone shape into the strawberry and remove the stem. If you have any large berries, cut these in half.

Place the strawberries in a bowl and gently toss them in the sugar. Leave then uncovered at room temperature for 12 hours, this is often best done overnight and by doing this, hopefully the fruit won’t disintegrate too much and will keep its bright, beautiful colour.

Tip the strawberry mixture into a preserving pan along with your lemon juice. Set the pan over a low heat and cook really, really gently.

If any sugar stays on the sides of the pan, dip a pastry brush in hot water and brush it into the liquid.

When the sugar has 100% dissolved, turn the heat up so the jam starts bubbling and bring it to the boil.

Boil for around 10 mins or until the jam has reached 105C (this is why you need the preserving or digital thermometer) and then turn the heat off.

Use a spoon to skim any residue from the surface of the jam.

Leave the jam to settle for 15 mins and meanwhile, sterilise your jars.

Gently ladle the jam into the jars, filling them just below the rim. Place a wax disc on top of the jam, this prevents mildew forming, then cover with a lid or cellophane circle and elastic band.

Label the jars, adding a date, and while you can store for up to one year, but we are sure your jam will be be eaten way before that.

Team Pure-Beauty