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Disconnect to connect.

Digital detox.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard these terms being used a lot recently but doing this can be tough.

With so many of us being slaves to screens, living life through a lense and being online pretty much 24/7, stepping away from devices might seem impossible.

The truth of the matter is that sometimes it is exactly what you need to do in-order to reconnect with the real world.

It might seem scary to go digital free but it is pretty easy and we have broken it down to so you can give it a go.

Make a date
There is no point in deciding to go screen free on Monday morning when your schedule is busy and inbox is full. Go for a weekend or during a holiday and put it in your diary so you don’t forget or double book.

Set the time
If you are permanently glued to your screen, going cold turkey for a week might not work for you. Just like a New Year’s resolution, you need to make this achievable so that you keep going and succeed. Go for a balance between realistic and challenging, which could be an hour without emails, turning your phone off at 8pm or only playing computer games at the weekend. You want it to make a difference to your life, in a good way so you can feel the benefits.

Set boundaries
We set boundaries for so many things in life, why not do the same with digital devises? Think about exactly what you want to cut down on, not just during a detox but also in life generally. Is it the volume of junk and joke emails, the constant stream of TV in the house or your over use of social media? If you think about this to start with you will soon see a way out of life glued to a glowing screen.

Plan something special
Taking a break from all things digital means you are free to return to real life. Spend time with family and friends and really focus on the here and now. During your break maybe plan to have a meal with your partner, go for a walk with the kids, play tennis or have a facial – all without checking your phone every five minutes.

Get outside
We aren’t talking about walking around the shoppings or sitting in a pub garden, but really going outside and taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Spending time outdoors – whether it is going for a jog, having a game of rounders or a picnic on the beach – is good for the soul and will help you detox on many levels. Good old-fashioned fresh air and sunshine stimulate Vitamin D and being at one with nature will take away stresses and make you feel happier and calmer.

Go old school
Cast your mind back to your childhood and bring out the board games, packs of cards, books and even colouring books and remember just how simple life used to be.

Eat well
A digital detox is also a great opportunity to prepare and eat healthy, wholesome food. A seasonal salad with sweet potato wedges, fresh fish, green smoothies, humus, fruit salads and iced water are all fantastic options that will leave you feeling satisfied and cleansed.

After your digital detox don’t run to your iPhone or add a clever status on Facebook straight away, but instead take time to think about how you have felt whilst free from the shackles of screens.

  • What did you learn?
  • What did you like?
  • What did you miss and why?
  • When will you do it again?

We are pretty sure that after a little time out you will start to see that too much screen time could be stopping your from being your best you.

Plan a regularly digital detox – weekly if you can – and you’ll be amazed at how different you’ll feel.