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Make Your Shave Last Longer

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Now that we’re well and truly enjoying the warmer weather here in the UK, barely a day goes by that we don’t have to shave our armpits, legs or anywhere else for that matter! Wearing smaller clothes in the heat means hair removal is more important than ever, so we thought we’d give you five tops tips for making your shave last longer so you don’t have to deal with hair removal every day.

Shower or Bathe FIRST

Most of us go for the ‘shave first, shower second’ ritual, which makes sense in terms of washing away stubble and shaving foam. However, showering or bathing first will soften the hair and remove oil from the skin, which will give you an overall closer shave and will make the hair easier to cut through.


Using a body scrub before shaving will help you in a number of ways; as well as getting rid of any dirt and oil, you’ll lift the hairs and get rid of dead skin cells, making it easier to shave and allowing you to get closer to the root of the hair. It will also help to prevent ingrown hairs which can be painful and unsightly.

Use Decent Protection

Using a decent foam or shave oil will help in a number of ways. Failing to use a decent layer between skin and razor will help the blade to glide across your skin with less friction with means the blade will catch and cut more hairs, rather than just flattening them down and gliding over the top. It will also protect you from nicks and cuts which will leave you in a bloody mess!

A Light Touch

When shaving, it’s tempting to press the razor against the skin, but in fact this will make it harder for the blade to do it’s job. When shaving, especially over tricky areas like knees and bikini lines, you should let the weight of the razor be the only pressure that’s applied to the skin, and this will allow you to catch more hairs along the way, making it necessary to shave less often.

Finish The Job…

Technically speaking, Decleor Post-Wax Double Action Gel is for use after waxing, but we find that it’s great for using after shaving too, purely because it reduces the amount of hair growth once you’ve removed unwanted hair. It will also soothe and reduce redness and help to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, too.